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This show is so good that after one episode, I immediately downloaded the book. I made it to book 5 during the first hiatus. I loved how faithful the show was to the first novel, and was even pleased with the small changes they did make. I'm looking forward to season two in France!

The Librarians

It's fun to see some actors I loved in previous shows take on these light-heated roles: Lindy Booth (October Road), Noah Wyle (ER), Jane Curtain (Unforgettable), and Bob Newhart. The show, which centers around Librarians who are the keepers of magical knowledge and artifacts, has a Harry Potter feel to it. Gather the family around for this all-ages action/comedy.

CSI: Cyber

This show has grown on me. It seemed cheesy at first, but now that I'm used to the actors' quirks, I'm actually learning things about tech that I didn't know existed. They are airing 2 new episodes a week though. Seems like that doesn't bode well for the fate of the series. Are they unloading the episodes and getting ready to dump the show?