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I love this show, it is so entertaining and the acting is just wonderful, so fresh and rewarding to be able to sit and watch something that is loosely based on History, and yet keep's you drawn to the screen to see what he does next. I love it and want to see much more of it and more shows like it too. My he is such a ladies man and so into himself, its just too funny by times. You really must take a look at this one, it is great.

Shades of Blue

So far so good, Show opened with a bang! Ray has still got it for sure, he can hold your attention, pull you in and keep you watching! I love him as an actor and he will definitely make the show a must see. As far as Jenn goes, well I am still on the fence, time will tell she has done some good work in the past and since she is co starring with Ray, that will sure go a long way. I decided to update my review since I have seen a few shows now. I love it and will watch it for sure. It is fast paced, which I like, story is moving right along. The suspense is great, you don't know when Ray is going to pull something and so far Jenn is ready for him and she is handling things pretty good as far as her part goes. She does make a good looking cop for sure, likes to show her body, good for the ratings on the show for sure, the men will like that, nothing like a good body in a show to get the guys watching especially when she like to show it off. I hope they stay more on the crime side of things and not the sex side as the crime is what sells and good acting too.
Just finished watching the finale and I tell you this is a great show. The acting is second to none. I love the story line and how it is going, all the twists and turns the show is taking just draws you in deeper. I can't wait to see what is coming next season. Keep up the good work.


Just watched the Premiere of this show, what a winner this one is!!!! I have waited a long time to see a show like this on TV and it was fantastic, a must watch for sure. The cast is superb to say the least. This is one show I won't miss so if you want to watch a show with a lot going on tune in, you won't be sorry that you did, I watched it on Bravo and I will continue to watch for the remainder of the season. Good Job with this one for sure it is a winner.
Well I'm back to tell you that this is one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. I Love it, the cast is great, the story line is great. the location is great, what a show, keeps you glued to your seat, no bathroom break while this one is on. I am thrilled to see it has been renewed already as it is sure to be a big hit if it continues on this way.