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Love a good sci fy or Marvel/DC comics show, but also go in for a bit of the good ol' cop catches the murderer. Best yet, excellent acting and filming, as in shows like 6 Feet Under, True Detective, or the now (alas) classic Breaking Bad.

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a little over the top scenic ambiance, plot, and acting, yet these shows are still fun to watch.


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Excellent, extremely exciting, well-written and acted with flair--Manhattan is transportation back in time to the moment right before the Atom bomb. A picture of American idealism and paranoia, human error and scientific wet dreams. The teams of scientists and the flock of military MPs and support around the 1940s Los Alamos project have come back to life. Manhattan is filmed so that you can almost taste the dust--and want to back up because we all know what is coming. This show is cinematic in its scope, resonant, trying and captivating all at once.


James St Patrick is a little bit black James Bond, little bit gangster hip--in short, perhaps he is the next Denzel, a versatile actor with style and who is a pleasure to watch as he plays to and away from the social and racial stereotypes of the 21st century. The overall plot line might sound so-so (street punk becomes drug kingpin leads a doublelife as a night club mogul trying to outwit an old white disco powerenterprise while unwittingly having an affair with a cop, his childhood love, who could could at any moment bring him down) but the writing within this overall plotline and the filming and acting is so strong that one cannot help but check in every week and then impatiently await the next episode to find out who is on top, how, why and what secrets might or might not get uncovered. Behind all of this are exciting issues of trust, greed and social image. Excellent scripting, but even better gestual and facial expressions that often say so much about the internal motives of each character. I think one might keep their eyes on this show--as perhaps these actors need to be nominated for an Emmy, especially Omari Hardwick and Lela Loren.

Good Omens

A splash of Monty Pythonesque humor mixed into a biblical end of the world conundrum--the antichrist is coming of age and while forces of angels and demons are readying for all out war the original "snake" and "apple" from the garden of Eden are feeling a bit miffed about it coming to an end. What other potential outcome could there be? Much is to love in this show, with a sexy horsewoman of war and a horsewoman of pollution in place of pestilence. There is also a cute mutt of a hellhound who has moved in with the "family next door" in a tiny British village, a family who did not know they brought the antichrist home from the nursury by mistake. A bit of a switch at birth and perhaps the universe benefits? Can the apocalypse be averted, or at least put on hold? Colorfully filmed, with great costumes, amusing earthly attachments by both angel and demon and best of all--excellent dialogue, full of over the top puns of course. All round, a show to check out.