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The Code

A series about Navel attorneys. I really want to like this series, but something is missing. The writing is a tad stiff. The cases are a tad boring. The characters don’t connect as well, as I wish they would. Most of these actors did quite well in other shows, so I truly think it’s the writing. .


This show is worth watching. It has characters one wants to cheer on and it is action packed. A woman who has been through so much in life and is now trying to do right by her brother, by attempting to become a private detective. I love the characters and the story lines.


This started out so well, then has gone downhill since. This is another show based off a graphic novel series. The beginning, the storyline made sense. About halfway through, it enters a fantasy stage. If graphic novels (comic book) characters aren’t your thing, then you probably won’t like it.