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Beatrice Eilert

i looooove tv series.... kind of an addiction.... but well... i don't have anything else to do xD

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Mockingbird Lane

would have watched it if it would have been picked up. liked the pilot a lot

Weird Loners

this show has a lot of potential. I am laughing all the time. hopefully the characters won't get old.

this show started a little on the slow side but picked up amazingly during the second part of the first season. it is great to have a show with such a great leading female at the hem of this ship. it is set perfectly in the post-war US with a woman trying to fit into a world dominated by men. the whole cast is doing a great job at bringing that time to life. the whole way of speaking, dressing and behaviour sets a perfect tone to show just how badass a woman can be especially when underestimated by the men around her.
a really good show with a great cast from both sides of the pond.