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A twenty-something year old from Australia, with a passion for TV.

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Binge, then purge

15 Shows

Shows to binge watch, then untrack but can't really find the time and effort to actually sit down and watch.

Comic book inspired tv series

19 Shows

TV series based off of popular comics featuring characters with extraordinary abilities and other characters in their respective universes.

I quit you!

22 Shows

Typically I'm terrible at quitting shows, but these shows I walked away from in the end or just sort of randomly lost interest.

Canceled before their time

9 Shows

These shows did not deserve such an early demise...

All time favorites

12 Shows

The 12 best shows of all time, in my humble (but unchallengeable) opinion.

Watched & concluded

89 Shows

This is a list of concluded tv-shows that I've watched from the very first pilot to the very last finale. Either loved it or hated it, but one way or another I have…

Reality tv central

17 Shows

You get secretly excited for these, but don't admit to anyone that you watch them.

Action at it's best

21 Shows

A personal list of the best Action-oriented television dramas, both serial and procedural with the best hand-to-hand and ballistics choreography.