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The first few episodes of Season 1 I kept asking myself "Why am I watching this? Why am I doing this to myself?" ... at some point between mid-season and end of season 1 this show started making me really happy... there are few shows that make me laugh out loud when I'm watching by myself but this one does.

Season 2 has not disappointed in that regard at all. I've been grinning and Katamari Cheese all day today.

This show is redonk.


The basic premise isn't awful but the way the main characters were written was so generic and obnoxious (the way the American character was written was so over the top male ego spewage) that it's no wonder there were only 6 episodes. If this were remade with better writing I'd totally watch it.


Such salt. So wow!

This show is seriously the saltiest show out there. I kind of hate most of the main characters (besides Luis and Donna, and I even hate Luis sometimes, and the new not-Donna) and yet I keep coming back for more. It might be that my life is lacking in sodium or I'm addicted to stress.

It's not a bad show but it is all about the drama (well-written drama). Every episode hinges on high intensity stress to the point that by the end of the second season I was thinking that anyone who lived THAT stressful of a lifestyle would have health issues or something. I mean, it's not as crazy out there as Grey's Anatomy but at least the people in that universe laugh and dance like dorks.

The actors are good, wardrobe is good, some of the character quirks are a lot of fun but if you are battling hypertension you might want to skip the salt.