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This Is Us

I've never seen more beautiful series about family, relationships, happiness, pain and forgiveness. If they don't pick it up for next season, I will boycott all NBS's shows forever!

Dare me!

Agent X

I'm appaled. Canceling show after few episodes? No wonder you have poor ratings. Shame on you, TNT! That's why I always wait a few episodes before watching to see if it'worth even starting. Probably I'm not an exeption. Keep on the good work and see where it leads you. Shame you greedy basta#%&. I'm rating you, not the show.


Too short for my taste and I began to feel hungry for more... Should it be rewritten, expanded, renewed or left alone? Got me intrigued but I can't go on a wild goose-history chase every time a 'based upon real events ' show gets a green light...