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An adventure from the first second to the last. An incredibly depicted and directed murder mystery full of love and anguish. You question the characters, you question yourself but above all you can't stop watching.


F*ck. This show is amazing. I'm pretty young, open minded and share many of the same views as the characters. Yet, somehow, I feel even more informed and understanding after watching Euphoria. It really does highlight many of the very common experiences of being young (maybe not 16 but a bit older) today. I feel like everyone should watch this show.

(Apologies for the censored swearing)


This show started off really strong. I was enthralled by the characters, the lifestyle and the mystery. But then, all of a sudden my interest seemed to dwindle as the progression of the show slowed. I felt like the last three episodes could have been summarised in one. I didn't like the ending, and I didn't really care at that point.