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Thank goodness for sidereel, as I watch far too many TV shows. I'm a pretty hard marker/scorer (so apologies if I don't seem to rate your favorite TV show high enough) I must have really enjoyed a show (or episode) to give it 4 stars or more. Particularly partial to sci-fi and a bit of supernatural stuff and white hat characters.

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Review written after watching episode 1.

For fans of 'Black Mirror', drama sci-fi, and stand-alone stories, then 'Philip K. Dick's - Electric Dreams' should definitely be on your list of shows to check out.

I'm sure that some stories will appeal more than others, but going off the strength & quality of the first episode - I'm certainly going to be tuning in next week.

Update, after seeing episodes 2 & 3.

The stories are certainly un-usual (which isn't a bad thing)
I'm still enjoying the series, but I must admit - not nearly as much as I did with episode 1.
Maybe it's the complete lack of story closure that is starting to frustrating me (it almost feels like we are missing the entire 4th act).

Kyle XY

Many of the people I have spoken with about Kyle XY, say the show was at its absolute best early on in season 1, before we learnt where Kyle comes from, i.e. is he human, is he an alien, does he have super powers... and I would have to completely agree with them.

I personally found the early episodes to be superb (almost a must see), but as the mystery gets stripped away over the course of the first season, I found so did my enthusiasm for the show, as it became more and more like a normal teenage drama series.
But don't let this fact stop you from taking a look at the first few episodes of Kyle XY to see if it appeals to you - as the early episodes really are worth seeing no matter what. Regardless if you make it all the way to the series final or not.

What to expect:
- Mystery
- Teenage drama
- Some humour & fun