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Lisa Schmidt




I'm not the target audience for this one being a 49 year old female, but I've gotta say I thoroughly enjoy this show. It's my guilty pleasure I guess. I love the premise, the writing, the acting etc. and the subtle humor is a bonus as well. Seems like it could run for a couple seasons with so many possibilities for Liv eating different unfortunate victim's brains. Five Stars and big thumbs up for iZombie!


I'll miss this one. Good Chemistry with the cast and an enjoyable storyline.

Better Things

This is a beautiful show about motherhood in our century -- a show that shines a realistic light on a variety of painfully funny parenting moments. Actress Pamela Adlon's performance is authentic genius in this honestly funny, touching story that so many women will relate to. Her character Sam is doing the best she can to lovingly guide and raise her kids without worrying about being judged for her choices. She is unapologetically human and I believe that's what delivers the show's magic appeal. If you don't have kids, you may not be able to appreciate this show completely. This show is not one for adrenaline junkies or anyone who lacks a sense of humor about life. I say give this show a chance. It might surprise you. But if it doesn't appeal to you, just switch the channel--don't criticize art that you can't understand.