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The Witcher

I have never played The Witcher game and I don't know anything about the book so i can't compare the Netflix adaptation with them, so I came into this show with no expectations or preconceived notions. I started watching this mainly because of Henry Cavill and the fact that it looked interesting. The show flows seamlessly and its setting is so smooth that it can perfectly immerse newcomers with no idea of any other prior material related to the plot. It's a masterfully crafted and acted adaptation. It can be difficult and confusing to follow at times when it jumps around to different points in time without warning. The backdrop of conquest, war, and apocalyptic prophecy was well balanced with Geralt's daily routine of monster hunting, a task his kind was designed to do as a Witcher. I'd add that the magical effects were also perfectly done. They were both subtle and effective. The supporting characters and two other leads all bring this fantasy world to life with very real performances that remind us that they don't have to be saving the world from an apocalyptic danger for their stories to hold true dramatic weight, and that's also a testament to the great writing this series has. Top-notch world and character building. The series definitely has a little something for everyone. Action fans will find plenty to like in the gorgeously choreographed fight sequences, and those who enjoy character-driven drama will be thrilled to know that the characters and their interactions and dialogue are really the series' bread and butter. Masterful job in the writing, direction, and production, as well as incredibly powerful performances from all three leads along with every supporting role. The cinematography was spectacular. The series has elaborate and detailed costumes, armors, weapons and set pieces. The world of the Witcher is permeated with the fantastical, you'll see witches and wizards, monsters, and magic, and just about anything that would satisfy a fantasy lover. This show delivers, the story arcs are coherent and engaging, and most importantly there is a good pace. The Witcher is an engrossing and fun fantasy show. The music is just sublime. The music in the series builds tension, and adds depth to the scenes that it is paired with. All in all I really enjoyed this show.

Nancy Drew

I was very interested to watch this show. I liked the books when I was a kid. This show is definitely different from books but that is not a bad thing. I really like the setting. It is interesting and unique, not being st in New York or Los Angeles but a small town. I love the thrill, the mystery, the professional acting and the phenomenal writing. I was super intrigued by the story telling and how it smoothly develops over the episodes. This show is surprisingly really good and if you're into murder mystery you'll enjoy this show. It's murder mystery with a ghost spin on it. It's enjoyable to watch and I hope this show doesn't get canceled. It is everything I love, mystery, thrills, and suspense.

The Flash

With distinctive visuals and terrific casting, The Flash remains one of the strongest comic book shows on television. Packed with humor, spectacular visuals, and a whole lot of heart. This an interesting show with addictive story lines and great character development. The first season was amazing and enjoyable, and the story was very complex, yet felt smooth and even. Since Arrow was getting darker and darker, The Flash went in the opposite direction. It's the tonal antithesis of Arrow. Lighthearted, quirky, and silly, yet grounded enough to make us care, and the writing is just as sharp and witty as you'd hope.

The acting is great. It's refreshing in a CW show to have a likable good actor as the lead, and Grant Gustin knocks it out of the park. He's usually upbeat and quirky but when he's given the important emotional beats, he pulls them off well enough to tug at your heartstrings. The writing is also excellent. It takes a few episodes to get going but once it starts up it does not slow down. As the story starts to unravel and the plot slowly reveals itself, it's hard to take your eyes off the screen. There are more than a few jaw-dropping episodes and superb looking special effects and CGI monsters.

Like Arrow, there are some soap opera-y moments, but they're placed sparingly enough in the series that they don't take you out of the show. The dialogue is silly sometimes but that's what gives it its charm. It's not supposed to be brooding and gloomy like "Arrow"; it's light and upbeat while still delivering truly awesome comic book moments. And the threatening villains remain threatening - the Reverse-Flash is legitimately menacing, and the tone shifts appropriately for the episodes that he's in. In short, the writing is consistently great while managing to throw a few surprises at you along the way.