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McKenzie Culberson

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K-Dramas, etc.

3 Shows

Dramas and romances from Korea and other east Asian countries

I've Been Waiting for a Show Like You

7 Shows

Shows that are on hiatus or suspended. This only applies to shows that I am "caught up on."

Gone Too Soon

10 Shows

Shows that I will forever be salty about them cancelling.

Short & Sweet

14 Shows

Shorter shows that can provides smiles or laughs on demand with short time commitments.

Currently Watching

25 Shows

Shows on my current rotation for binging or casual consumption.

La Fini

16 Shows

Shows that I have finished watching and that have reached The End.

Don't You Forget About Me

70 Shows

Shows not to be forgotten when looking for something to watch.

Nolo Perficere

32 Shows

Shows that I am either not interested in finishing or that I never got around to finishing.

Check Out

68 Shows

Stuff to check out and potentially watch.