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K-Dramas, etc.

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Dramas and romances from Korea and other east Asian countries

I've Been Waiting for a Show Like You

7 Shows

Shows that are on hiatus or suspended. This only applies to shows that I am "caught up on."

Gone Too Soon

10 Shows

Shows that I will forever be salty about them cancelling.



Spinning Out

A superb look at how mental illness affects the lives of both the "ill" and those around them. I came for the skating (and that alone made it worth watching), but stayed for the accurate depiction of Bipolar Disorder and stellar character development. Spinning Out features Bipolar Type 1, which is characterized by extreme mood cycling, including full-blown mania.

Trigger warnings for this show include: Self harm, manic episodes, abuse, and drug use.

Make It or Break It

This show was painfully dramatic at times, but it dealt with real issues and real emotions. Also, it filled my gymnastics fix when Stick It was no longer airing on repeat. I was pleased with how it ended, too. Except for how they wrote and finished Emily's role. I'm still salty about that. I'll forever be salty about that. Otherwise, thanks for giving us our first taste of the absolute Divine Being that is Nico Tortorella!