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What is it about Sarah Wayne Callies that makes me hate every character she portrays? First I hated her in Prison Break, then The Walking Dead, and now this. Weird... because I honestly don't know what it is. Anyway, I love Josh Holloway on Lost, but i don't love this show. It isn't so horrible that you'd assume immediate cancellation, but it isn't so great that it can make it to season 2. I'll watch again next week to decide whether to add it to my "watch later if it isn't cancelled in the first season list".

Minority Report

I predict a cancellation. Too bad though, I'd hoped for better. I will give it one more episode and if this review isn't updated, then that means episode 2 is not much of an improvement in my view. With mediocre acting and miscast leads I suspect I won't be updating this review.


I've rated this low despite the exciting and interesting plot because something about it just feels forced and the acting is just okay. It seems like it is the type of show that needs a few episodes before it finds its footing. Unfortunately, it may be cancelled before it can do well, so I've put this on the back burner; if it survives the whole season I'll binge watch the episodes when they are available for streaming online.