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The Witcher

Being the fan of the books saga since I was 13 years old, I waited for this show for over 20 years. I played all games too and loved them.. And what can I say? Felt a bit disappointing at the end, a bit cheap. They said that they would follow the books, but they changed a lot for no reason, downsized the stories, they took out the charm and fairy-tales, they confused with the timelines. The actors did amazing job, I was so worried about Yenn but she is awesome! So is Geralt.. But the script has a lot of holes, and a lot of stuff has no logic.. It could have been so much more amazing, with a little more effort.
And people who hasn't read the book (go and do yourself this treat first) couldn't understand anything like I did.. Why not to follow the books as they are? WHY?

The Expanse

Loved it from the first episode, now I'm reading the second book already! Very good books, and series.


Simply the BEST!