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I rarely meet a show I don't track... :D I have lists galore as I love all genres of tv, but, hey, it means I never run out of shows! I've found even more shows to watch through some amazing sidereelers' lists! Starting conversations with lists is one of my favorite things about sidereel. I love how we can all love or hate a show yet still have a friendly chat. You'll find me dashing around the site, leaving friendly comments on reviews, shows, lists and articles. <3

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6 Shows

A work in progress...

Popcorn Time!

4 Shows

Curl up on your couch, favourite hot drink (or liquor) in hand and laugh, cry, be irritated, raging - but most of all have a great hour of watching these shows, I know…

A list of shows to make me laugh

62 Shows

Work in progress, tracking all of them, just need a minute or ten to add them here! :D

A list of shows I enjoyed watching.

23 Shows

This list is a work in progress...

A list of must-see tv.

48 Shows

This list is in progress as of 29/05.16. Mark Valley's twitter feed led me to Occupied, it looks amazing.

Summer/Fall 2016 -70+ intriguing shows....

71 Shows

Some shows are airing this summer/fall, I can't wait to see them. This list also includes shows that have aired before but are brand new to me. They look so good I just…

A list of shows I just don't 'get' despite them being either critically acclaimed or popular worldwide!.

22 Shows

I don't *get* these shows. Wildly popular, some have amazing critical acclaim - Mad Men, I'm looking at you, yet I can't watch more than a couple of episodes and I'm…