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The story line isn't entirely new... we've seen it before - awkward geniuses solve crimes with the help of someone "normal" to translate, but there's something about the way that they pull it off - the acting or the writing maybe - that makes it feel new. I love the characters. Perhaps in the first episode they feel a bit one-dimensional, but it takes time to build a character. I think this series has huge potential.


Fantastic. Just fantastic. The characters are so absorbing and quirky and REAL in a way that most serial shows don't ever accomplish, much less sustain for over four seasons. EDIT: Alright, it WAS amazing and fantastic and I loved it... and it should probably have ended. It's starting to get real repetitive and I'm rather sick of the "oh no, someone knows Mike's secret, let's do something illegal to cover it all up again." Gotta know when it's time to call it quits.

Marvel's Iron Fist

This was rough. The only reason I watched the whole thing is that I'm a completionist and I don't want to watch The Defenders without watching all the other Netflix Marvel shows. But honestly the writing is kind of terrible, the character development is alternately non-existent for some characters and is super erratic for others, the plot is a mess, and the white boy spouting a mish-mash of quasi-Buddhist philosophies is horrible. They really couldn't have updated this to include less racism? Let's be honest, the people who care about keeping this cannon are the minority of viewers. Claire was the only thing that kept me going in this show. Thank goodness she was in so many episodes.