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Gems you can't define

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A list of shows that are great (5/5 stars) and are a cross genre so it's not easy to define and list them



Breaking Bad

This show won so many awards it speaks for itself, including a series ending which is amazing. The show is about a Chemistry teacher who discovers he has a few month to live and decides to leave his family with money by making heroin. The show follows him and his partner/dealer as they rise through the criminal ranks, their relationships and their battles with right and wrong. A MUST SEE SHOW!

Rookie Blue

Great cop show. That's it. It's a summer show, it has short stories (every episode) and it has long stories (dramawise and crimewise). It has action, love, drama, mystery and basically everything you want to entertain yourself with for 45 minutes a week..... aaaand it has some of the wittiest lines in TV today. give it a shot.


One of the best comedy shows ever. 3 boys and 3 girls who live in new york, following their lives between ages 25 to 35. during the 10 years (seasons) they go through experiences that everyone knows - parents, dating, work, rent etc - A MUST WATCH SHOW! CLASSIC!