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His Dark Materials

i have read all the books and i actually enjoyed the movie the Golden Compass and was dissapointed when "they" didnt do the rest of the books. HBO is great seems to have given all that was needed to ensure the transtion to television went smoothly.
Great pilot! i cant wait to see the rest!


smh I enjoyed this show and was hoping it would make the cut.... shouldve known better though since it airs on NBC (Nothing But Cancellations)

Tried to give this show a chance as i do enjoy the original even though its time for it to tap out. Seeing as theyre working in foreign countries more needs to be done to convince me that theyre there. in the first episode they went from speaking to one Thai cop as he was fluent in english then next thing you know theyre delvering a profile to the entire station with no translator. good concept poorly executed. unsure if i want to waste time and give it another try...