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The SideReel Editorial Team's resident reality TV expert. Come talk smack with her about TV and celebrity shenanigans on SideReel's Facebook fanpage (! Also answers to Shoogie, on occasion. :)

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Shows as Old as SideReel

18 Shows

SideReel just turned 10! Here's a roundup of TV shows that share our birth year (2007)!

I Give Up

11 Shows

I have a really hard time breaking up with shows in general, but when it came to these series, I just couldn't TAKE ANYMORE!!!!

Christmas Episodes Done Right

10 Shows

From Chrismukkah to a very Benihana Christmas, these shows feature some of my very favorite holiday TV moments.



Pretty Little Liars

Love it or hate it, you can't deny that this show is ridiculously addicting. HOW AM I STILL WATCHING IT? How are there still new episodes?! WHO IS A.

The Walking Dead

If these zombies are so superhumanly strong that they can rip off your whole face with suspiciously little effort and practically tear your whole arm to shreds with a simple pat on the shoulder (that shit's hard, I've tried), why can't they claw their way through a shitty wooden wall? Or glass? Or a fence? I don't care if you're dead, you can't just grab a chunk of a person OFF of them like they're a Costco birthday cake and eat it (go ahead, try it)! Do they have knife hands? Also, why does NO ONE refer to them as zombies?
All that aside, great show.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The show's lead is undoubtedly talented, and each episode certainly has its moments, but many of the musical numbers and jokes verge into "try-too-hard" territory. Also, I have a hard time feeling invested in the journey of a character who is so disturbingly unstable. Rebecca is driving the struggle bus, for sure.