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I've visited Sidereel for years and love the community here! I watch all kinds of television as long as it's entertaining or smart. I love talking television so feel free to comment on my lists or reviews. Thanks for reading and happy viewing! :)

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3 Shows

Shows I am watching that are airing currently.

Show’s That Changed My Life

7 Shows

Every show has an impact on the person watching it, some more than others. Make fun, ask questions, say what you will. These shows changed me for the better.

You Really Should See This

9 Shows

A list of weird shows you haven't seen but totally should.

Surprised I Liked It So Much

8 Shows

A list of the shows that I really like but never thought I would.

Anime I Like

11 Shows

Maybe not the best but I love it!

Magnificent Murder Mysteries

7 Shows

Well gang looks like we have a mystery on our hands.

Gotta Love A Good Mystery

6 Shows

Awesome shows centered on a central mystery.

Netflix Picks

5 Shows

Favorite Netflix Shows

Zombie Time!

3 Shows

All of my favorite shows featuring zombies.

Shows That Made Me Cry

5 Shows

It is a rare and splendid moment when a show is powerful enough to make you cry.