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I've visited Sidereel for years and love the community here! I watch all kinds of television as long as it's entertaining or smart. I love talking television so feel free to comment on my lists or reviews. Thanks for reading and happy viewing! :)

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13 Reasons Why

Hard to watch but incredible to experience, 13 Reasons Why is powerfully moving. An instant favorite I'd reccomend to anyone. The story of Hannah Baker is not an easy one but it is incredibly worthwhile.

The Good Place

The Good Place is a whimsical, off beat, light-hearted comedy. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson are wonderful in this delightfully quirky show.

Big Little Lies

Looking beyond the talented cast, rich cinematic scenes, and picturesque scenery, Big Little Lies is a miniseries fraught with emotional tension. Every scene, every line builds upon itself creating an intriguing world of mysteries and lies. The story is enrapturing and immediately captures your attention. HBO at it's finest, this mini series is a can't miss.