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Fun, one of the best things James ever brought to tv. I need it this.

Hooten & the Lady

The whole series is a nod to the classical adventure stories and films ranging from the Allan Quotermain books to Indiana Jones.HOOTEN AND THE LADY is the British comedy-adventure series following the exploits of Lady Alexandra (she is of noble descent, so, she is the real Lady) and the tough guy named Hooten. These thrill-seekers travel around the globe in search of the lost and priceless artefacts. Lady Alexandra is bored with her job at the British Museum. Instead of sorting out papers she would rather run around in the jungle, facing the cannibals and hunting treasures. And that is what she does! Because she is a modern, independent, brave women who always gets what she wants. In the jungle not only does she face the cannibals and find the artefacts but she also meets Hooten. He is so tough, so handsome and, yes, he has got perfect hair

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The Sinner

Season 1 was ok,i really liked season 2,more story ,more context,more thriller.