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Toya Davis

I am such a Tv Junkie these shows Run my life right about now i see the characters more then my own parents. my friends think im weird they way i talk about them like they are real! but what can i do i love them lol

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40 Shows

Heroes and Villains

48 Shows

having to do with magic and the supernatural

Top 20 shows i Re-watch

24 Shows

these are shows that ill never tire of watching, there are shows that i really really love that i think are epic but are not on this list(the Fosters, Game of Thrones).

ended on their terms

60 Shows

these series ended on there terms, some of these finales were epic and will forever go down in tv history as amazing. and some were absolutely trash (cough, castle,…


87 Shows

I thought some of these shows were good if only given a little (TAM) time attention and money they could have been great!, some were kinda crap but i liked them anyway,…

Cops, Detectives, Agents, PI's and Consultants

72 Shows

Who says our protectors don't have problems too. some of these cops are worse than criminals (Graceland) (Chicago PD) (Gang Related) and some of them deal with forces we…