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Toya Davis

I am such a Tv Junkie these shows Run my life right about now i see the characters more then my own parents. my friends think im weird they way i talk about them like they are real! but what can i do i love them lol

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Queen Sugar

this show i recently found because of a clip on Facebook. fans of the show will know what im talking about when i say the basketball scene. it was such a powerful scene that i had to look it up to see what it was from and i binged watched it that day. shows like this renew my faith in television and the writers we entrust with our entertainment . and the actors Rutina Wesley (Nova) i never knew she could be so good (trueBlood) never gave her too much credit but man is she amazing in this. Dawn‑Lyen Gardner (Charley) just completely blew my mind i cant wait for the second season to start!

The Good Wife

i love shows where i just don't agree with some of the charters choices and this is one of them. great show!

The Handmaid's Tale

Man does this show makes me feel some type of way. it cuts deep at the heart of how they did things in the old days and of how some still justify things like this now. being a feminist myself this show is very hard to watch i could barely stomach the first episode (the clothes just about killed me). if the writer in me didn't just absolutely love this crazy ass plot i wouldn't think twice about this show but as she would have it (writer-ego) she loves it so while shes jumping with glee at the concept and characters ill be swallowing my pride during every episode!