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Blindspots Blind Spot Is Its Use of Women As Props

  There's a weird throwback feeling afoot this year among the network dramas: Quantico feels a little bit like the short-lived ABC drama Traveler from 2007. The images of synapses firing and cranial folds lighting up on Limitless are straight out of CSI plus the movie it's based on, which came out in 2011. Minority Report 's source film came out in 2002. It's a throwback season, and Blindspot fits right in, pulling from Prison Break, John Doe, Nowhere Man , with maybe a dash of La Femme Nikita . Shake it all up, drain out any interesting dialogue, and voil: You have yourself a network pilot.   Read More... //

Blindspot Review: Jaimie Alexander Leads Greg Berlantis Promising New Drama as Badass Jane Doe

If Blindspot star Jaimie Alexander aka Sif from the Thor films can persuade her Marvel Universe fans to join her for the NBC police procedural, the network, also responsible for similarly framed The Blacklist, has a promising new fall TV series on its hands. One of the latest installments in the FBI crime-solving genre, Blindspot opts for 24-style fast-paced, body-slamming drama, rather than the more cerebral investigative tactics favored onBones, Fringe, Without a Trace, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds and so on. The shows producers have indicated that the action-heavy approach will extend beyond the pilot, with every episode packing a punch or three or 20 and a new mystery solved.   Read More... //

Review: In Blindspot, an Amnesiacs Tattoos Are the Clues

An unattended duffel bag in Times Square contains a big surprise for the F.B.I.: a naked woman covered with tattoos who has no idea who she is.   Read More... //

Blindspot: Series Premiere Review

It's typical in places, but NBC's Blindspot offers a good mystery, as well as a solid lead in Thor's Jaimie Alexander.   Read More... //

Blindspot Review: NBCs Tattoo Thriller Worth A Good Look

Tattoos have been part of the mainstream for more thana decade now, but rarely have they played such a fundamental role on a Big 4 primetime show until Blindspot . And that might be something for others to consider because, as my video review above says, the thriller created by Martin Gero and executive produced by Greg Berlanti is far from just skin-deep and well worth a good look.   Read More... //