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Blindspot Season 2 Premiere Review: The Answers Flow in ‘In Night So Ransomed Rogue’

NBC’s Blindspot was one of the biggest new hits during last year’s television season, and audiences have been anxiously awaiting more answers after the huge first season finale back in May. The time has finally come for the show’s return, so let’s take a look at Blindspot‘s second season premiere, "In Night So Ransomed Rogue." The episode opens three months after the finale, and we find Jane spending time in the custody of the CIA. She has undergone extreme torture in order to recover her memories, but she refuses to give them any information (even though she’s started to remember more on her own). She almost gets away from her captors after a fake attempt at drowning herself, but she instead has to resort to stealing a needle. Luckily, she’s later able to escape by picking the lock of her handcuffs, and she remains on the run for two weeks. READ MORE...

Blindspot Recap: Mommie Dearest

And just like that, emerging naked from a duffel bag in Times Square doesnt seem so bad after all. Blindspot returned for Season 2 at a special time Wednesday night before moving to its regular 8 pm home next week and somehow, the episode managed to make Season 1 look like a stroll [] //

Blindspot Review: How Archie Panjabi Might Help Avoid That Sophomore Slump

Who knew having her body covered in mysterious tattoos would be the least of Jane Does problems when NBCs Blindspot returned for a second helping? Creator Martin Gero did, thats for sure. The showrunner has long held a second and third season plan in his back pocket for the serialized FBI series, and the time has finally come for him to put that plan in motion. When the series picks back up in a special preview Wednesday, its been three months since Weller ( Sullivan Stapleton ) arrested Jane ( Jaimie Alexander ), and those months have not been kind to Jane at all. Thanks to some underground CIA operatives theres been plenty of torture; meanwhile the FBI team under Wellers leadership has grown complacent and boredthey miss working the tattoos.   Read More... //

Blindspot Season Finale Review: Why Await Life’s End?

At long last, it’s finally time for the ending of the first season of Blindspot. Reveals have been coming big and fast lately, and last week’s episode set up what was sure to be a strong finale. Let’s take a look at how things ended and the preparations for season two in tonight’s season one finale, "Why Await Life’s End." The episode opens with Jane trying to shower off the blood and pain that her body and mind received with Mayfair’s death. At the same time, Weller is attempting to somehow reconcile what he knows with his father’s confession about killing Taylor Shaw. Both of our leads are in horribly unfortunate positions both mentally and emotionally, and neither knows exactly how to proceed from here. For Jane, she goes back to where Oscar has been hiding out to try and recover more of her memories. For Weller, it involves searching Jane’s safe house for clues on what’s been going on. The rest of the team, too, is in the middle of a struggle as the higher-ups continue looking for Mayfair, not knowing what fate befell her. All in all, the characters on Blindspot are in quite the collective predicament. READ MORE...

Blindspot Season Finale Recap: Digging For Secrets

Prediction: Next season will open with Jane in a cross-examination room.   Read More... //

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 23 Review: Why Await Life's End

We've reached the finale, and Blindspot Season 1 Episode 23 didn't disappoint. BlindspotSeason 1 Episode 22 was such a roller coaster that you had to wonder where the finale would go. Well, I know I did because when you end a non-finale hour with a major character death, how does the next one get bigger? Well, that was answered by Weller freaking arresting Jane!   Read More...   //

'Blindspot' finale recap: 'Why Await Life's End'

'Only from the ashes can we rise'   Read More... //

Blindspot Recap: Going Rogue

Marianne Jean-Baptiste is one of Blindspot 's few true talents.   Read More... //

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 22 Review: If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render

The ending of Blindspot Season 1 Episode 22 had my jaw firmly on the ground. The last scenes recently have been so good, I have no idea how the season finale next week can one up them. Let's just get to it. Mayfair is dead! I can't wrap my head around it. Why?! Her character was so complicated and interesting and added so much to the show that it's a very bold and confusing choice to kill her. It's a shame that a strong, black, gay character was taken away from viewers. It seemed that Mayfair's death could have happened much later in season two so having it happen in a non-season finale episode almost cheapens her death.   Read More...   //

'Blindspot' recap: 'If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render'

Welcome to Phase 1: The show says a shocking goodbye, and we get a bombshell revelation about Taylor...   Read More... //