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Blindspot Review: “Of Whose Uneasy Route”

Lately, it’s seemed as if Blindspot has been picking up more and more steam as it moves toward the upcoming season finale, so let’s see if that train continued moving forward in this week’s new episode, "Of Whose Uneasy Route." The episode opens with Mayfair reeling from the events of last week’s episode before heading into work and discovering that she is being (temporarily) removed from her position pending an investigation into the death. She isn’t the only dealing with a form of pain, though, as Weller (and his sister), Jane, and Patterson all reflect on the recent happenings in their lives (during this time, we get a fun training session between Jane and Patterson that really makes me want to see a ton more of an exploration of their growing friendship). With everyone in the middle of other things, the building comes under lockdown. While initially assumed to be a drill, Patterson quickly realizes that it’s all a smokescreen while the FBI is hacked. READ MORE...

Blindspot Recap: Lockdown

Mayfair will soon have to bring Daylight into sun.   Read More... //

'Blindspot' recap: 'Of Whose Uneasy Route'

Jane, what did you do?!   Read More... //

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 21 Review: Of Whose Uneasy Route

We got ourselves another great non-tattoo episode on Blindspot Season 1 Episode 21 . And the ending, the freaking ending,was a shocker and caused goose bumps all over my arms. Everything that Oscar has asked Jane to do from the simple task of switching a pen to the big task of installing a thumb driveall lead to setting up Mayfair for multiple murders. The evidence is pretty thick against her. The look that was on Jane's face showed you understood her role in all of this. How everyone else on the team missed her stunned face, we'll never know.   Read More...   //

Blindspot Recap: The Haunting of Mayfair

Maybe Jane should moonlight as an FBI psychologist.    Read More... //

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 20 Review: Swift Hardhearted Stone

Guys, Patterson flirted with someone in Blindspot Season 1 Episode 20 . She really is moving on from David and is going to be OK. We can all breathe a big sigh of relief. Patterson getting her flirt on wasn't all that happened (and we will discuss this in much, so much more detail). The case of the week was one of the most interesting (that didn't involve Rich Dotcom) in some time. A little girl (Maya) was found covered in blood sketching one of Jane's tattoos. It turned out she was terrorist organization leader's daughter. She escaped after her mother was killed for supposedly speaking to an American journalist.   Read More...   //

'Blindspot' recap: 'Swift Hardhearted Stone'

Just when we thought Patterson had the most awkward first date, Mayfair's karma takes the cake...   Read More... //

Blindspot Recap: Secret Morning Routines

A nonlinear storyline makes this week's episode feel crumpled....   Read More... //

'Blindspot' recap: 'In the Comet of Us'

Reade is broken, Mayfair is broke, and Jane tries to NOT get broken up with...   Read More... //

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 19 Review: In the Comet of Us

A newspaper, a bow tie, tea and a crazy non-dead ex-girlfriend can almost sum up Blindspot Season 1 Episode 19 . This episode was the first to provide most characters their own side story. Last we left Mayfair, she was surprised by Sofia, the girlfriend that supposedly committed suicide. Well, Sofia is very much alive and needs Mayfair's help. Sofia is on the run from someone that knows about project Daylight and needs money to leave the country.   Read More...   //