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Blindspot Review: “One Begets Technique”

Last week’s Patterson-centric episode was the best that Blindspot has offered so far, so this week’s follow-up had a ton to live up to? Did it succeed? Let’s take a look at tonight’s new episode, "One Begets Technique." The episode opens with a follow-up from a previous episode of Blindspot that allows us to see what happens when you cheat at poker in prison. We quickly transition back to characters we really care about, though, as we get a glimpse of Weller’s dad’s current condition after his fall last week. Things are looking pretty grim for his father, and Kurt finds a bit of solace in Jane’s arms. This solace is short-lived, however, as the team is brought in to help out on a new mission surrounding stolen paintings. The mission will involve a prison break and undercover acting, so it’s obviously perfect for Jane and Kurt. READ MORE...

Blindspot Recap: The Return of Rich Dotcom

This episode is wildly entertaining and really dumb.   Read More... //

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 18 Review: One Begets Technique

There is no other way to say this: Blindspot Season 1 Episode 18 was one of the best episodes of any television show this season. Blindspot is already a very strong show and every episode has the potential to be a show stopper, but this episode, well it was just plain great. The return of Rich Dotcom was the biggest catalyst for it being a success. He is so funny and can read people like an open book. Him calling Jane and Weller out on their feelings was the best.   Read More...   //

'Blindspot' recap: 'One Begets Technique'

Rich Dotcom returns for a heist-centric episode as Mayfairs past comes back in a big way...   Read More... //

‘Blindspot’ Recap And Spoilers: Jane’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Her

This week’s installment of "Blindspot" allowed fans and viewers alike to be able to discover a little bit more about Jane Doe’s or Taylor Shaw’s (Jaime Alexander) past and the other members of the group that she and Oscar (Francois Arnaud) belong to. However, it seems like next week will be business as usual as the team will be going after another tattoo which will lead them towards a more explosive discovery. READ MORE...

‘Blindspot’ Season 1 Episode 14 Recap: Jane Feels Tension In Team And Exits; Zapata Friends With Jane?

Doubts play in the team on Jane as the team digs deeper in the case in "Blindspot" Season 1 Episode 14 recap. A friendship is to bloom between Zapata and Jane. While Jane Doe is the focus of investigation link to the series of crimes to solve, "Rules in Defiance" of "Blindspot" Season 1 appointed her as the bystander. As the team objectively examines her case, a cloud of mistrust builds around Jane and her team. This results to her doubting herself as well, given the lack of knowledge about her own identity. READ MORE...

Blindspot Recap: Scavenger Hunt

This week, loony little Patterson is up to bat.  Read More... //

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 17 Review: Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts

Patterson was all over Blindspot Season 1 Episode 17 making it my favorite episode of the season so far. Yes, we should all love episodes that have us learning more about Jane but come on, this episode was fantastic. Weller, Jane and the rest of the team were barely in the first 30 - 40 minutes and I didn't notice at all. Ashley Johnson killed this episode. She was funny, engaging and that last scene broke me. ...  Read More... //

'Blindspot' recap: 'Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts'

Patterson hangs with an imaginary friend as she finds herself in her most dangerous situation yet ...  Read More... //

Blindspot Recap: Jane Gets Hers

Anybody want to solve a crossword puzzle?   Read More... //