Blood & Treasure

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Blood & Treasure

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Tuesdays, 10:00 PM EST on CBS
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1 Seasons, 12 Episodes
60 Minutes
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Written by Matt Federman & Stephen Scaia, Blood & Treasure, which hails from CBS Television Studios, centers on a brilliant antiquities expert and a cunning art thief who team up to catch a ruthless terrorist who funds his attacks through stolen treasure. As they crisscross the globe hunting their target, they unexpectedly find themselves in the center of a 2,000-year-old battle for the cradle of civilization.

Show Reviews

by Sylar Dean Paginton

Jul 18, 2019 9:36 AM EDT

All American version of 'Hooten & The Lady' tv series by The CW/Sky One.. with more of a CGI budget and an even more complicated story, enough said.

by Alex Larig

Jun 11, 2019 5:43 AM EDT

Just ok. Action, some fun, good guys v bad guys chasing them all over the world. Nothing special, but a good tway to spend the time if nothing else.

by Va Paola

Jun 10, 2019 6:05 PM EDT

I am having fun! It'a like watchin' Indiana Jones every week.

by LizardQueen77

Jan 26, 2020 5:10 AM EST

A great light hearted action adventure, fighting good over evil with a splash of potential romance and spiked with comedy. A great show with action, multiple mysteries, romance, humor, and suspense. Very enjoyable series! Fast paced, good acting, and some spectacular locales. The story moves along nicely, and the different timelines are beginning to tie in to one another quite nicely. It's witty and funny. Lots of action and chases, nice production values make it look very good. I like the overarching story line running through all the episodes. The actors do a very good job with defining the characters and embracing the differences that makes them work so well together. Its a well written blended show combining history, plots, intrigues, timelines with a bit of a fun side which keeps it all interesting.

by Melissa-LeeM

Dec 28, 2019 1:26 AM EST

They tried, but it's missing something. Lots of cheesy movie references if you like that sort of thing.

by Kelly Munn Bly

Oct 15, 2019 4:16 PM EDT

The first season was interesting and action packed, as a team (once a couple) try to find a famous stolen sarcophagus. If it continues, I only hope they don’t just keep remaking the same story over and over, with a different treasure involved. There has to be an evolution of the characters, interesting view points of various locations.

by Ellisia TooLoving Zakers

Sep 15, 2019 6:10 AM EDT

Slow start to the shoe but eventually a good show. However this season has 13 episodes and not 12

by KerstinRoush

Aug 13, 2019 2:14 PM EDT

Pretty good show, really liked it!
It was a bit slow in the beginning but it really picked up and the first season had a good finale.

by Punster1

Jul 27, 2019 4:38 PM EDT

Quite knowingly derivative in the tradition of Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone and a host of other movies and shows, including most recently Hooten and the Lady, with occasional winks to the audience, it is nonetheless quite fun and entertaining most of the time. The two protagonists are attractive and have some chemistry. Quite adequate as mindless summer fun.

by flyfisher110

Jul 11, 2019 5:15 AM EDT

I feel the same as Alex, something to watch when nothing else to watch. Not bad, but not great either.

by Stephanie Lynch

Jul 09, 2019 2:05 PM EDT

Since they cancelled The Librarians, this works as a replacement. Truely, I love it. I love how there is all the myth and legend wrapped up in history. It's great and it's a family show.

by guavalove

Jun 21, 2019 7:23 PM EDT

I watched one episode of this and while it was definitely entertaining, it was a bit too mindless for me and wasn't really anything special enough to keep me watching. If I didn't have so little time and so many other shows to watch, it'd be a great summer series.

by trinigalfly

Jun 15, 2019 10:57 PM EDT

This looks interesting. I will keep watching to see where it goes...