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When you're a superhero who do you turn to at the end of the day? Written by Jeff Lewis (The Guild) and directed by Sean Becker (The Guild, Team Unicorn), starring Jeff Lewis, Phil Lamar, Matt Knudsen, and Jillian Armenante, Chatroom of Solitude is a comedic glimpse into the mundane moments of super lives. Told through a G+ video hangout, we eavesdrop on heroes and villains when they're off the clock and bitching about a tough day at work to their friends, colleagues and enemies.

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Familiar old Fairy Tales & their characters applied & set in Today's Modern World. Interesting, entertaining, & insightful (in an oddly seemingly deja'vu-ish kinda way). SuperHeroes in Modern Day; with or w/o a super-suit or a cape. Special Powers? Maybe, maybe not. -->Just yer 'average citizen'...who for whatever personal monumental reasons decide their true secret calling in life is to Make A Difference, saving the world by saving one distressed person, sit endangered oppressed victim from Danger/unjust trauma, mayhem, devastation, perhaps even certain peril'! ->>--> DEF MUST-HAVE QUALITIES FOR A SUPERHERO: Dual Identity & Split Personalities peoples with acute Delusions of Grandiosity & Invulnerability & extreme adrenaline-rush thrill seekers R ALL DEF MUST-HAVE's! {usually Bi-Polar prob! lol}
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Heard good things? Special interest if it includes many chuckles, irony, satire, relatable real life situations/circumstances, &/or 'Happily Ever After'!