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Weekend Binge Guide: September 2017

Have the weekend free? Going out is overrated! Binge-­watch one of these shows instead:   If you want to laugh:   Con Man See all reviews for Con Man Con Man is a web series created by and starring Alan Tudyk ( Firefly ). It is a satirical parody of Alan’s own life all about the plague of being type cast as a science fiction actor. Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk) spends his days going to conventions and signing autographs, hysterically lamenting over his fate, and trying to use his connections to get into non sci-fi movies. The show features a stellar guest cast with cameos from nearly every person who has ever been on a sci-fi series in the past decade. It's truly funny TV. Watch Con Man season 1 and 2 online at Amazon Prime, via a service called ComicConHQ.   If you want to cry:   Somewhere Between See all reviews for Somewhere Between ABC calls Somewhere Between a "limited summer series", which means it's perfect for you to binge! Somewhere Between is the story of a woman thrown back in time, and given a second chance to save her daughter from a cruel fate. The show plays out like a serialized detective/crime drama. Only, unlike Broadchurch , Laura Price (Paula Patton) is given the chance to actually save her daughter, and stop the murder before it happens. As the wife of the district attorney, Laura is curious by nature. Impassioned by her desire to prevent her daughter's murder, she teams up with a former detective turned private investigator to look into a conspiracy that once resulted in all of their deaths. Somewhere Between is just a really well-done show with really likable characters. Knowing what could happen if they fail really imbues the show with a strong epic feel, and sets the pace high. Check it out on Demand, and catch up in time for the finale.   If you want to scream:   Shooter See all reviews for  Shooter Shooter is a high-octane action thriller from USA Network based off the 2007 movie by the same name starring Mark Wahlberg. Shooter follows Bob-Lee Swagger (Ryan Philippe), a retired US sniper with a legendary kill count, who at the start of the show is framed for the assassination of the POTUS. What ensues is one of the most intense and exciting shows to ever to grace our televisions. Bog-Lee Swagger is essentially a reverse Jack Bauer. The entire show, people are after him, and he manages to stay one step ahead the whole time – narrowly escaping their traps and threats using not only his skill, but his brains. It’s an extremely smart show with fantastic pacing, that you will absolutely love. Stream the first season now on Netflix, and watch the second on demand!   If you want to think:   Dark Matter See all reviews for  Dark Matter Dark Matter is a hard science-fiction drama from Canada, licensed in the US to Syfy Network. What makes Dark Matter unique, is that it is both serial, and character-driven. Dark Matter is set 700 years in the future, and follows the crew of the Raza, a notorious ship of space pirates. The catch is, an unexpected event caused the crew of the Raza to wake up from stasis without their memories! This is where the show really makes you think. Each of the characters goes through many arcs of personal growth, constantly provoking philosophical questions about identity. Nature vs nurture; are we the same people without our memories? Who are we without the sum-total of our experiences? That is one of the core themes of the show. Dark matter has 6 protagonists, each with a unique personality – some of which clash, and some which synergize with others. All in all, it’s a compelling and riveting show with some of the sharpest writing on TV, and you can stream the first 3 seasons on Netflix, and watch the 4th on p { text­-align: justify; }

Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's Web Series Con Man Gets TV Home on Syfy

Con Man a celebration of sci-fi fandom, starring Firefly alumni Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion will bring said party to Syfy, which has acquired Seasons 1 and 2 of the web series. The announcement was made on Friday evening during Syfys Con Man: Cons and Fandom Culture panel at San Diego Comic-Con, by [] //

Con Men Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk Tease Castle Reunion, Darth Vader's Mysterious Rogue One Role

Castle and Esposito, together again? Sorta. Jon Huertas will make a guest appearance in the second season of Con Man, the web-basedFirefly sendup exec-produced by and starring his former CastlecohortNathan Fillion. However, Con Man creator Alan Tudyk who visitedTVLines Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE last month alongside Fillion notes in the above Q&A [] //

Alan Tudyk Takes a Spacewalk of Shame in theCon Man Season Two Trailer

Con Man is the star-studded parody show created by the ubiquitous Alan Tudyk, where he and Nathan Fillion play parody versions of themselves as they traverse the world of comic book conventions. Season two is coming soon and the first trailer is finally here.   Read More... //

'Con Man': Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion want a Spectrum movie

Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillions Con Man began as a crowd-funded webseries. But the comic-convention comedy has since spawned a comic book series; a mobile game, out Aug. 24; and a novel, currently being written. If Tudyk and Fillion get their way, a movie could be next. The potential film... ...  Read More... //

'Con Man' first look: Eliza Dushku joins Alan Tudyk in web series

It was recentlyannounced that Eliza Dushku will be appearing in the second season of Con Man , the comedy web series about an actor named Wray Nerely(Alan Tudyk) who is attempting to escape the shadow of a canceled sci-fi show on which he and a character played by Nathan Filliononce...   Read More... //

Eliza Dushku, Alan Tudyk reunite for 'Con Man' season 2

Is that Faith with Wash, or am I only dreaming? Whedonverse alums Eliza Dushku andAlan Tudykare reuniting for Con Man , Tudyks crowd-funded online series. Executive ProducerPJ Haarsma took to Twitter totease a photo of the Dollhouse duo back in action: On set today with the...   Read More... //

Alan Tudyk Is Turning Con Man's Show-Within-a-Show Into a Comic

Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillions Con Man already had a bit of a twisty turn-y satirical premise —it was a series about actors in another series within it, a Firefly -esque show called Spectrum cancelled before its time. But now Spectrum is going to live on in our world, if not in Con Man s, as a new comic miniseries. Read more...     //