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Dominion Canceled After 2 Seasons By Syfy

Syfy has decided not to order a third season ofsupernatural action drama Dominion , which just wrapped its Season 2 run. Created by Vaun Wilmott based on characters from the 2010 feature Legion, Dominion, which starred Christopher Eagan, was set 25 years in the future after a war between an army of angels and mankind has transformed the world. There is no decision yet on Defiance, which is awaiting word on Season 4.   Read More... //

Dominion Finale: EP Talks [Spoiler]'s Death and [Spoiler]'s Betrayal, Explores Lucifer as Season 3's Big Bad

Warning: The following contains spoilers about Dominions Season 2 finale. Well, Dominion,thats one way to end the Lady of the Citys reign. Yep, Vegas leader Claire Reisen was one of the many fatalitiesclaimed by the Syfy series Season 2 finale, shot to death by Duma, the violent angel sharing a body with her father. (If [] //

Dominion Picture Preview: Another Chosen One?

Gabriel sacrificed himself so Michael could protect Alex and bring father home. The archangel's flashbacks to his own "chosen one" were powerful and forced a (temporary) change of heart in Gabriel. How will Michael find Alex and Noma? Will the duo manage to defeat the wacky 8-ball store employees? Can they get to Vega? Julian will continue to wear Gabe down, but he's also tempting Riesen with Clementine. Will the general reveal the location of the amphora? A major military standoff is about to take place in Vega, and a familiar face resurfaces. Enjoy this peek at Dominion Season 2 Episode 8 . There's a big flashback coming!   Read More...   //

Dominion Picture Preview: Brotherly Bonding

Do you think Noma's days are numbered? Will the writers really kill her off? The New Delphi army is certainly not going to make it easy for the fugitives. Michael said he could not save her wings, but is there anything Alex can do? And who was that mysterious cloaked figure only Noma could see? Speaking of Michael, he and Gabriel will share some mandatory brotherly bonding time while figuring out a way to escape. What dark secret of Gabe's haunts both brothers to this day? Back in Vega, Claire makes a dangerous move. Below are a few photos from Dominion Season 2 Episode 7 . Enjoy this sneak peek!   Read More... //

Dominion Picture Preview: An Archangel's Wrath

Were you surprised Gabriel sacrificed himself for his brother? Clearly that unselfish act will resonate strongly with Michael, forcing him to figure out a way to free Gabriel before fleeing New Delphi. How will the archangels deal with the Dyad though? Will Alex attempt to evict Lyrae? Is that even possible? Meanwhile in Vega, David's Civil War has begun and Claire deals with the aftermath. Gates will have to enter enemy territory to stop a rebel broadcast that threatens peace in the city. Will David Whele become the face of the rebellion? Tune in to find out!  Read More... //

Dominion Picture Preview: Deal With the Dyad

Well, Julian's massive 8-ball army and his secret identity were uncovered. What's his next move? Will New Delphi's leader use Alex to trap the archangels? In these images, we see Gabriel choking the Chosen One. Is it possible Alex inadvertently leads Julian and his soldiers to the brothers? Or is it all part of the plan? In Vega, Claire attempts to negotiate with the V1 rebels. Things seem to take a nasty turn though. Does David abandon the rebels and head into the desert in search of the real William? Is the title "Son of the Fallen" a hint at that or something more ominous?   Read More...   //

Dominion Picture Preview: Julian Unmasked

Alex, Noma and Riesen uncover the truth about Julian and New Delphi. Is he possessed by the angel Lyrae? Did the fallen angel strike a deal with the devil in order to continue torturing mankind? From these images, it's clear Alex and Noma are searching for something in the bowels of the city. Is Julian hiding relics from Sodom and Gomorrah? Will something ancient, like the amphori, give the game away? Speaking of which, is his plan to use the ancient urn to drive Michael (or Gabriel) mad? Tune in Thursday, July 30 to find out.   Read More...   //

Dominion Picture Preview: Truth At All Costs

New Delphi and its leader Julian sure were full of surprises, weren't they? Will Alex successfully retrieve the key from that chamber full of 8-balls? Will he use his eviction technique to walk out of there alive? If so, how will Julian react to the Chosen One's gifts? Are the two meant to be allies or does Alex discover something twisted about his host? In Vega, Claire and Arika brilliantly framed David Whele, but don't think for a moment that's the end of his story. It appears David buys off one of the guards, securing his freedom. If so, what is his back up plan? Is Gates friend or foe?   Read More...   //

Dominion Creator Teases A Hard-Core Season 2 and the Secrets of New Delphi

It was clear from the first scene, Dominion Season 2 Episode 1 was a different beast. I had the pleasure of chatting with Vaun Wilmott creator and executive producer of Dominion yesterday, and he was kind enough to discuss the new season and share some insight into tonight's episode "Mouth of the Damned." We will finally be visiting New Delphi and things are about to get crazy. Hope you guys enjoy this exclusive interview with the creative genius behind the world of Dominion.   Read More... //

Dominion Picture Preview: New Delphi or Bust

This week, we finally get a peek at New Delphi and its leader, Julian. Vega and Helena bombed Gabriel's aerie, but as David mentioned they just poked the hornets nest. The archangel is pissed and in hot pursuit of Alex, whom he's decided to skin for the tattoos. Will Julian protect the Chosen One? In Mallory, Michael witnesses a different kind of ritual. While in Vega, an assassin is sent after Claire. Will David manage to keep it together long enough to take over as Lord of the City? Or will William's ghost get the better of him? Here's your first look at Dominion Season 2 Episode 2 courtesy of Syfy.   Read More...   //