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Dominion Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Sine Deo Nihil

That was one hell of a finale, though I'm surprised they went with a cliffhanger. With Syfy's record of axing low-rated series early on, we just might be waiting to meet a corporeal Lucifer for all eternity. I'm not saying I wouldn't love a third season, mind you. As a matter of fact, I've mentioned several times in my reviews that Dominion deserves more time to tell its story. It's just that Syfy's record speaks for itself. That said, Dominion Season 2 Episode 13 was a bit of a downer. One leading lady died, and the other sold her soul to the Devil. The Chosen One just can't catch a break man.   Read More... //

Dominion Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Day of Wrath

Yeah, I'm a total sucker for flashbacks. Watching Gabriel start the war was everything! As a matter of fact, I would have loved to see more of 2016 and less of Claire making terrible decisions and the archangels fighting in the present. Will Arika be as merciful when her army attacks Vega in Season 3? Won't David continue to fight for power? I think Claire just sealed her fate, and ultimately she only has herself to blame. Dominion Season 2 Episode 12 was a tease. Syfy should have aired a 2-hour finale.   Read More... //

Dominion Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Bewilderment of Heart

That was one deliciously wicked hour of television people... 5 stars for me! Not only did the cast bring their A game, but newcomer Gregg Simon directed the hell out of Dominion Season 2 Episode 11 . Taking on the "Darkness" was no small feat, yet with all the madness going down the installment felt cohesive and riveting. The entire season's setup led to this moment and boy did each character's fears deliver the goods. Dominion's like nothing else on television. To me, its more than earned another season. Let's break down the episode, shall we?   Read More... //

Dominion Season 2 Episode 10 Review: House of Sacrifice

Well, Lucifer was finally name-dropped and the amphora's darkness released. The last few installments and Dominion Season 2 Episode 10 were basically setting the stage for the massive battle ahead. With only three episodes left, there still seems to be so much unresolved. I hope they don't leave us with a cliffhanger. Gates made the ultimate sacrifice, and now I feel ashamed I ever doubted the character's intentions. Again, if I were watching this on Netflix I'd be moving on to the next hour. I think binge-watching has spoiled the weekly viewing experience for me.   Read More... //

'Dominion' fan recap: Return to Vega

Previously: I started to drive for Uber, and let me tell you, it’s an adventure. So … wait, you meant "What happened previously on Dominion?" as opposed to "Why I didn’t recap last week?" Well, fine! David betrayed Zoe. William Wiele came back to town. Arika’s betrayal was discovered and Claire had her imprisoned. She was able to poison Gates first. Julian prepared to steal Gabriel’s body. I forgive you for not caring about my personal life. READ MORE...

'Dominion' fan recap: David and Goliath

Previously: Noma committed the ultimate angelic sacrifice by ripping off her own wings to save Alex. Gabriel and Michael are still in Julian’s clutches. David and Arika are secretly scheming against V1 czarina Zoe and Lady Reisen. I said it on Twitter and I will repeat it here: I think this was the best episode of Dominion so far. Showrunner Vaun Wilmott wrote it, and he put everything in it but the amphora vase. Most cleverly, he used a classic Bible story to explain why Gabriel is such a ragey angel. Bring your Kleenex and dig in with me. READ MORE...

'Dominion' fan recap: Clipped wings

Previously: Amphora, amphora, who’s got the amphora? Only Noma knows. Gabriel and Michael’s assault on New Delphi didn’t go so well. Gabriel was captured and an injured Michael fled. Meanwhile, David helped Zoe with her rebellion by using explosives to cut Vega in half. This episode of Dominion featured a majority of the characters being maimed. Seriously. I hope a plastic surgeon managed to survive the angel-pocalypse because people are going to need skin grafts after this ep. It was so gruesome! Everybody was screaming in pain, and writhing, and poor Noma. Kim Engelbrecht is a helluva an actress because she really sold the … I won’t spoil it. READ MORE...

'Dominion' fan recap: That barbed-wire net looks ouchy

Previously: Claire and city engineer Gates got closer. Gabriel and Michael teamed up to take down New Delphi. Julian is half-angel, half-human—a dyad. And he’s got an eight-ball army. David Whele wasn’t playing when he said he was going to start thinking big again in the episode previous. Blowing the city in two and starting a war is pretty big for Dominion. I’m just irritated with him because all of this drama is interrupting the gentle blossoming of the love affair between Claire and Gates. They barely have time to gaze longingly at each other! #Clates! READ MORE...

'Dominion' fan recap: In case of emergency, break vase

Previously: Michael sacrificed his life to save the town of Mallory, but then resurrected and flew away. Gabriel sent a higher angel to Vega to off Claire. Julian is some sort of angel creature, and he has a scary jar. WHOO! This episode of Dominion was just chock-full of goings-on. We got a new species of angel. Gabriel had better watch out, because David Reisen is coming for his supervillain sceptre. And Claire! And Gates! I’ve termed them #Clates on Twitter. Buckle up, because this Dominion is a doozy. READ MORE...

'Dominion' recap: Welcome to New Delphi

Previously: Michael happened upon a town that repels eight-balls and thinks God is still in the Dominion hizzy. Alex and Noma escaped Gabriel and were captured by eight-balls on their way to New Delphi. Claire and David are at each other’s throats over the leadership of Vega. My close personal Twitter friend (I tend toward hyperbole; he retweeted me once) and Dominion showrunner Vaun Wilmot has really upped the ante this season. Everything is more intense—the drama, the action, the pyrotechnics. Hell, even the flapping angel wings look more authentic. Let’s catch up with our cast of characters, shall we? READ MORE...