Flight of the Conchords

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Flight of the Conchords

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Mondays, 5:00 PM EST on HBO
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2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
30 Minutes
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Flight of the Conchords is an American television sitcom that follows the adventures of a comedy duo of the same name as they seek to achieve fame and success in New York City. The first episode of the series aired on HBO on June 17, 2007.

Show Reviews

by ZaneAppeal

Jun 27, 2016 3:55 AM EDT

Two Kiwi's living in New York. This is an underrated gem, with great comedy, and great music.

by cat-91

Mar 19, 2015 5:17 AM EDT

Rhys Darby pretty much makes the show!

by ItzHavok

Sep 10, 2015 3:42 PM EDT

Flight of the Conchords is a sitcom that isn't easy to pull off. Even though they did a decent job with the music and execution of the show, it ultimately failed. The show is funny at times, has some good music but is also slow and some of the songs kinda suck. Overall it was a decent attempt but eventually they had to know the show would die.

by FrozenField

Mar 11, 2015 2:41 AM EDT

I miss this show. It was always funny. The music is hilarious. The characters were funny. And, most importantly, Kristen Schaal.

by generalkate7

Mar 30, 2020 7:59 PM EDT

You will probably love this show, or hate it. The cast is hilarious and the music always makes me laugh. What more could you want in a show...besides more seasons.

by jb1357

Jun 13, 2015 12:28 AM EDT

Meh! Not a fan.

by steppensquirrle

Apr 02, 2015 12:47 AM EDT

Brilliantly captures the humor in the awkwardness and absurdity of everyday life in a way that I thought could only be done with adlibbing, improv, or light-hearted documentary, but they managed to do it with music!

by mnimaroff

Nov 18, 2014 2:12 AM EST

Such a hilarious show and nothing like anything I have seen before.