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Flight of the Conchords is an American television sitcom that follows the adventures of a comedy duo of the same name as they seek to achieve fame and success in New York City. The first episode of the series aired on HBO on June 17, 2007.

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Die of laughter
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Shows I've watched from the pilot to the latest episode.
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by kookos
Absolute favourite shows that I don't mind rewatching.
Shows that have at least one episode in The Canon from Previously.TV's Extra Hot Great podcast.
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Power couples in the form of co-workers, reluctant companions, best friends, enemies, lovers and everything in between. Two is better than one
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All the great recommendations I say I'm going to watch, but really they just end up on here

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Shows that were cancelled or concluded too soon. Didn't make it past the first few seasons or didn't get a proper ending.
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New and shiny things!
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In a land far, far away. Outside North America, England, and Japan.