Garo: Yami Lists

30 minutes

Yami o Terasu Mono takes place at some undetermined point in the future in Vol City, a metropolis build around a volcano and infested by evil demons known as Horrors. Ryuga Dougai, a Makai Knight who has inherited the title of Garo the Golden Knight, is tasked to hunt them down. Joining forces with fellow Makai Knights Aguri and Takeru, along Makai Priests Burai and Rian, Ryuga uncovers the dark side of Vol City and how it is manipulated by one who controls a breed of Horrors call Mad? Horrors. Fighting the Mad? Horrors, learning their master is a member of the Kaneshiro family who run Vol City, Ryuga wants to know why the creatures' deaths are restoring the golden radiance that the Garo armor lost and connection they have to his mother.