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Ideal is a British sitcom originally broadcast on digital channel BBC Three, created by Graham Duff and produced by BBC Comedy North and Baby Cow Productions. It stars Johnny Vegas as small time cannabis dealer Moz. The title of the series is a play on "I deal". The closing theme is Song of the Oss from the album Nuada: Music Inspired By the Film the Wicker Man composed by British band Candidate. It is set in Salford, Manchester chosen because Duff was familiar with the area having done many stand-up gigs there during his youth.

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Large bicycle frog
whimsical delights of a newt who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct in and around his pond
Great dry British humor!
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Looking for a new show to watch? Bored with all the reheated plotlines and predictable twists of current tv? Here are some often overlooked or forgotten shows, guarenteed to appeal to the spoiled and more jaded taste of the modern tv-addict.
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