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Wednesdays, 10:00 PM ET on A&E

30 minutes

“Lachey’s Bar” follows brothers Nick and Drew Lachey as they fulfill a lifelong dream of opening a bar in their hometown of Cincinnati. From crafting artisanal beers and designing the menu, to knocking down walls and building the actual bar - these brothers will be rolling up their sleeves and learning everything about running a business on the fly. On top of that, they’re both juggling family and career duties. Drew and his wife Lea live their lives in Cincinnati full time with their kids while Nick and his wife Vanessa split their time between Cincinnati and Los Angeles and are preparing to welcome a new baby into the family. Despite hectic schedules, deep-seated sibling rivalry and clashes over how to run a business, these hometown heroes are committed to making their dream a reality – no matter what it takes.

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