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Limitless: "Finale: Part Two!!" Review

The ticking clock was in full force in part two of Limitless' season finale. While Brian was (temporarily) back on the team at the CJC, the side effects of NZT were definitely starting to weigh on him in this final stretch. Admittedly, the investigation here was pretty straightforward and didn't deviate too much from the norm, but Brian's hallucinations and the NZT-fueled Legion of Whom pulling the strings managed to keep "Finale: Part Two!!" plenty engaging throughout. Even though the stakes were at an all-time high this week, I was glad to still see some levity in this episode -- namely, Brian's imagined version of the Legion of Whom and their volcanic headquarters, not to mention his arts and crafts. (After all, what would Limitless be without Brian's makeshift visual aids?) Moreover, I thought the Northwest Passage conflict was an interesting one -- definitely not the case I would have expected, but this show has always had a knack for that -- though it got a bit convoluted in the middle, as Brian tried to explain how and why the Legion of Whom was trying to build up a treaty and "burst its bubble," so to speak. READ MORE...

Limitless Finale Recap: Squad Goals What Would Season 2 Look Like?

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Limitless: "Finale: Part One!" Review

As the penultimate episode of Season 1, this week's Limitless shook things up big time by making NZT public knowledge, spurring an all-out crime wave in New York City. This was also the first episode since the pilot (basically) that Brian's ties with the FBI were completely cut off, for good this time. And even though Brian was living with his parents again and working at an electronic store (which felt very Chuck-esque), he wasn't completely alone thanks to Rebecca's communication with him on the sly. From the moment DEA Agent Adam Brewster (Jacob Pitts) hit the scene, it was pretty obvious he was a traitor working with either Morra or Sands' "Legion of Whom" (great name, by the way). Seriously, the CJC needs to crack down on their screening process when it comes to new consultants, especially after Sands even said Morra's men were after him on the inside. Regardless, Brewster made a decent foil this week, along with the "Apocryphon" conspiracy, which kept both Brian and Rebecca plenty busy. READ MORE...

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