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Major Crimes Kearran Giovanni Lands Lead In NBC Drama Pilot Suspicion

Former Major Crimes star Kearran Giovanni has landed a lead role opposite Derek Luke, Jeri Ryan, and Paula Newsome in NBC 's drama pilot, Suspicion , from creator Jessica Goldberg, Universal TV and Keshet Studios. Created/written by Goldberg based on the book by Joseph Finder and directed by Brad Anderson, Suspicion is described as a Hitchcockian thriller about how far one man will go to save the people he loves. After Danny Goldman (Luke) accepts a handshake loan from his   ...Read More...

The Good Doctor Admits Major Crimes Alum for Season 1 Finale

A Major Crimes vet will find himself in hot water during a visit to The Good Doctor. Graham Patrick Martin, best known for playing Rusty Beck on the recently ended TNT series, will guest-star in the Season 1 finale of the ABC medical drama, TVLine has learned exclusively. Martin will play Blake, an intoxicated college []

13 Ways Major Crimes Final Season Could Have Ended Differently

I was heartbroken when I heard that TNT had canceled Major Crimes. And I was doubly disappointed and sad when Sharon Raydor was killed off. I know that head writer James Duff felt Sharon's death was the onlysatisfying way to end her story and to lead into the final case, which revolved around eliminating Philip Stroh and his threats for once and for all. I disagree, and as much as I loved the way Major Crimes wrapped up, I think there were lots of other ways to get to that final scene in the squad room.  ...Read More...

Major Crimes creator: No one wanted the show to end

Everybody deserves a period of mourning which is why, in a startling twist, Major Crimes creator James Duff killed off the series lead character, LAPD Commander Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell), four episodes prior to Tuesday nights series finale. No one wanted the show to end The people who wrote it, the people who...   ...Read More...

Major Crimes Recap 12/26/17: Season 6 Episode 10 and Episode 11 “By Any Means: Part 1 and Part 2”

The show opens with a video Sharon made to be shown to her family if she should die. She thanks her family for their love. Louis is then shown speaking at her funeral. He talks about her great strength and the darkness they all feel with her passing. At the church, Rios tells Louis that she is sure that Stroh is in Los Angeles and that Rusty is in danger. She tells him she will see him at the station in the morning. Rios tells him she has a security detail and will be fine. Rios returns home and the guards search her home. They find nothing and she jumps into her pool to take a swim before bed. As she does laps a man in scuba diving gear grabs her and pulls her under water. She drowns. The next morning the team searches Rio’s house and grounds trying to find clues to Stroh. While it looks like Rios died of an accidental drowning the team is sure it is murder. The captain questions their conclusion but Louis is sure it was Stroh and the team has to find him fast. More video is shown of Sharon talking to her family. Sharon’s kids go through her things and cry. Louis visits Andy and they go together to tell Rusty that Rios is dead. Rusty shares with the team everything he has learned about Stroh. They review each of the dead so far. As they speak Stroh is shown listening in on everything that is being said. Not only is he able to listen in to the whole team he also has video. READ MORE...

Major Crimes' Major Exposition Dump: I Have Stroh Many Questions

To conclude its sixth and final season, TNTs Major Crimes on Tuesday night brought back Phillip Stroh in full force, forcing the freshly and dearly departed Commander Raydors team into a battle of wits, all while emotionally taxed. I am not here to deliver a play-by-play of this weeks tense, exhausting doubleheader very simply []

Major Crimes Aftermath: Who Feels Most Guilty? And Was Stroh Involved?

Its all over but the crying, as they say. TNTs Major Crimes, with another doubleheader starting tonight at 9/8c, explores the aftermath of last weeks sudden death before revisiting a familiar threat and then, in time for the series finale, doling out some happy endings. In the wake of Raydors tragic death, series creator James []

Major Crimes Boss: 'Unexpected' Twist Was Metaphor for 'Death of the Show' Cancelled Series Won't Be Rescued

The following contains major spoilers from Wednesday nights episodes of TNTs Major Crimes. TNTs Major Crimes hit the century mark on Wednesday night, but it was actually the cancelled crime dramas 101st episode that viewers will remember most. Because as the hour drew to a close, Commander Sharon Raydor (played by Mary McDonnell) suffered what []

Major Crimes Exclusive: Will Sharon Step Down Because of Her Health?

  While Sharon ( Mary McDonnell ) deals with solving the Tackles case, she has an even bigger battle going on with herself. Major Crimes will air its powerful 100th episode this Tuesday, and it's going to be a big one for Sharon and for McDonnell. Diagnosed with cardiomyopathy -- a disease that affects   ...Read More...

Major Crimes: Graham Patrick Martin on Rusty, The Final Season, and More!

Major Crimes fans may be heartbroken about the show's cancellation, but there's still plenty to enjoy on the final season. Sharon and Andy just tied the knot, and Rusty's ex-boyfriend Gus showed up at the wedding, signifying more relationship drama ahead. And though the series isn't ending yet, a five-part mystery just wrapped up, so if you watch for the investigations, red herrings, and Lieutenant Provenza's wisecracks, there's something new to look forward to.   ...Read More...