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'Minority Report' Season 1 Finale Recap: Does Blomfeld Capture the Precogs?

It's the season 1 finale of Minority Report , which also means it's the series finale, even if FOX hasn't publicly admitted it. But this expensive, lush drama has suffered from scripts that could have been written by under-trained chimps. And so we end the show with an episode entitled "Everybody Runs," in which our three favorite precogs get to answer the question, "What would it take to get you back in the milk bath?"   Read More... //

Minority Report Finale Recap: The Future Is Fulfilled But Are You?

The one thing the Minority Report Precogs didnt see coming: the Fox dramas quick demise its cancellation is all but certain after a trimmed episode order leaving Monday nights unofficial series finale with the difficult task of wrapping up multiple mysteries withvarying degrees of success. Before you chime in with your judgements, [] //

Minority Report Recap: Remember You Will Die

  If every episode of Minority Report had been like this episode of Minority Report , the show would not be ending next week. The future-cop procedural approach, though practical in theory, was not this crews strong suit at all, in hindsight; maybe it was the narrative structure of the original story, or maybe its the fact that mainstream audiences are too sick of Dick Wolf to tolerate Law & Order: Precrime , but last week , and especially this week, its become obvious all too late that this team shouldve been working on one varied, complex, but consistent dramatic arc the whole time.   Read More... //

'Minority Report' Recap: Has Agatha's Location Been Discovered?

  Since the first episode of Minority Report , the precogs have worried that they are going to be sent back to the milk baths. That fate seems even closer in this episode, "Memento Mori," as the government seeks out the precogs, hoping they can stop a possible terrorist threat. Clearly, Agatha has been right about the DIA all along.  Read More... //

Minority Report Recap: Welcome to Our Snow Globe

  This weeks episode of Minority Report , the third-to-last episode it will ever air, was a prime example of the fraught shows greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses of why the show was nixed so early on, and why its such a shame that it wasnt able to get its act together in time to live. Our monster of the week plot, in case it wasnt beaten over your head hard enough, dealt with immigration, a major national issue when the script was conceived, and of course an even more pointed one now, in light of different recent events . Blake (Wilmer Valderrama) is at the center of it all, as a former undocumented non-citizen and child of relative poverty and domestic abuse; still, his story would have been more compelling had the message of the episode not come off like an unsubtle after-school special. We do now officially have a secret global bioterrorist network of super-smart scientists to wish in vain for more of (one of them rips a page out of a first-edition copy of On the Origin of Species ?!?) but when every week manages to feel like a hastily compiled imitation of that post-9/11 West Wing episode , how much more can a mythology plot really add?   Read More... //

'Minority Report' Recap: Does Blake Learn the Truth About Dash?

One of the big questions about Minority Report is trying to figure out just how long Vega can hide Dash's true identity from her boss. It turns out that the answer is "until episode eight." In "The American Dream," we learn that Blake also has a secret of his own and it involves his association with the failed pre-crime program.   Read More... //

Minority Report Recap: As Smart As We Are Pissed

  To put this in X-Files terminology, this weeks Minority Report was as much of a myth arc episode as weve yet gotten on this ill-fated series. Sure, we were #blessed with a fun, Gotham -y villain a monster of the week character if ever there was one but more important, we finally got some super-important background info and exposition (and lots of feelings!) between the twins and Vega that no doubt will affect the final three episodes (sniff).   For one, we got the richest string of flashbacks weve seen yet: the initial de-milkifying of the precogs when Precrime was abolished (Or, How Arthur Came to Be Such a Dick). As Wally and his colleagues help the siblings out and into PT sessions to regain their strength and reenter society, DIA boss Blomfeld, Peter Van Eyck (thendeputy chief of Precrime), and a white lady exchange doubts about the siblings inevitable failure to survive the real world, lamenting the waste of their talents ... on human beings? Whom they imprisoned for a decade and are now chucking into the wild without identities, training, or any sort of preparation because they have a considerable amount of wits? Talk about victim-blaming.   Read More... //

'Minority Report' Recap: Arthur Risks Everything to Save Dash's Life

As Minority Report winds down, two overarching storylines still need to be resolved. First, can Vega keep the existence of Dash away from Blake and the rest of the Feds searching for a better way to solve crimes? And is Agatha right about Vega being part of the process that will put the three precogs back into the milk bath? This episode, "Honor Among Thieves," doesn't answer either question, but it does provide a little backstory to the precogs' lives.   Read More... //

Minority Report Recap: Little Red House

  Its a little de rigueur at this point, sure, but I would be lying if I said I didnt fully enjoy this recent spate of conspicuous PSAs for vaccines weve been seeing on prime-time television lately. (Okay, fine, by spate I mean precisely two so far, though feel free to add in the comments if Im missing any.) First, there was last weeks American Horror Story: Hotel episode , in which Chlo Sevigny treats the measles-infected child of a stubbornly dimwitted Beverly Hills mom. And now we have Katie, the golden-braided ghost of what could have been for Agatha had she not been so passive-aggressively selfless with her visions her whole life, and Katies actual mom, Gabby, who believes that herbs will heal a 2065 strain of malaria better than a vaccine (the latter of which, Dash informs us back here in 2015, will finally be brought to market in 2022 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). Both are quite after-school-special-y in their presentation (ditto that global-warming soapbox Arthur got on last night), but it still feels so good in the moment, thinking about all those anti-vaxxer Hollywood parents suddenly horrified in the middle of their favorite shows by the pro-medicine stance their colleagues have taken.   Read More... //

'Minority Report' Recap: Agatha is Forced to Get Help from Vega

It's always weird when you're watching a show that you know is going to end prematurely. FOX has cut the episode order of Minority Report down to 10 episodes, and given the ratings, it doesn't look to be long for this world. So as we go into episode six of the show, it's difficult not to watch the episode with one eye on trying to figure out how many of the show's mysteries are going to be revealed by the end of episode 10. Is Vega really going to help send the precogs back to the milk baths? What dark plan is Agatha pursuing in an effort to save them? Is Blake a creep or just bad with people? This should be an interesting few episodes.   Read More... //