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Power Recap: Why'd You Have to Go and Make Things So Complicated?

Need to catch up? Check out the previousPower recap here. Its been a minute since Powers Tommy got himself into some big, hairy trouble. Dont worry he more than makes up for that in this weeks episode. Mr. Egan finds himself in two kinds of new trouble by the end of the hour, and []

Power Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Damage Control

It's becoming very clear that all roads lead to the Jimenez. While the demise of Dre is driving Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan forward, they're simultaneously looking to bring down the Jimenez cartel, now that their lives are on the line. And while they close in on the powerfulcartel from one angle, Angela and company are closing in from another.   ...Read More...

Power Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Everyone is Implicated

For as many things change on this show, from relationship dynamics to power dynamics, to family dynamics just to name a few, there is one thing that always seems to remain consistent. These people all make terrible decisions on a daily basis. And Power Season 5 Episode 1 was filled with moment after moment that truly made you go, huh?   ...Read More...

Power Premiere Recap: Son of a Gun

Need to catch up? Check out the previous Power recap here. Tariq does something in this weeks Power premiere that is so devious, so final and so unexpected that it makes me genuinely proud of him. I mean, its also probably the dumbest move he can make. But he does it with such self-assurance that, []

Power Season 4 Episode 10 Review: You Can't Fix This

Considering how incredibly satisfying this season has been, was anyone else a little disappointed in the finale? Were there satisfying deaths? Sure. Was their treachery and deceit? Of course. But Power Season 4 Episode 10 didn't give me that edge of the seat feeling that I've come to expect from this show. Instead, we had an hour that while fulfilling in some respects seemed rushed and almost a little forced.   ...Read More...

Power Season 4 Episode 9 Review: That Ain't Me

There are really no words for what just happened. Of all the directions I thought this show could go, this is not the avenue I thought they would take. Deaths are no big deal in the Power universe. So far this season we've seen Julio, Jukebox and Sandoval all meet their makers, along with a host of other characters, some we barely knew and others we were glad to see go (I'm looking at you Brains). But Power Season 4 Episode 9 saw the death of a character that will impact this show in a way that no other death ever has. Spoilers will be coming up, so look away if you're not caught up.   ...Read More...

Power Recap: Only the Good Die Young

Need to catch up? Check out the previousPower recap here. Noooooo, Power! Not the good twin! Alas, despite Tariqs cascade of increasingly bad decisions as of late, its his twin sister, Raina, who pays the ultimate price in Sundays episode: While bravely standing up to a dirty cop whos literally gunning for her brother, she [] //

Power Debrief: Can We Talk About Who (Kinda) Killed [Spoiler]?

Youve had a day for this weeks insanePower episode to sink in, so Id like to call a meeting of the ZOMG What in the What-What Just Happened? committee. All members present and accounted for? Good. Lets dig in. Sundays episode, Its Done, marked the end of a long-running arc on the show: Mike Sandovals [] //

Power Season 4 Episode 8 Review: It's Done

We've been waiting for this y'all! And Power Season 4 Episode 8 finally delivered Mike Sandoval running out of excuses and losing that calm demeanor he's shown from the beginning. It's been no secret that I've been waiting for his downfall, and it came swiftly, if not a bit on the predictable side. But nonetheless, Sandoval was busted, and he ran out of cards to play.   ...Read More...

Power Season 4 Episode 7 Review: You Lied To My Face

As fast paced as this season has been, I was expecting there to be an episode where things slowed down, and it came this week. While not weak by any means, Power Season 4 Episode 7 was more of a setup piece preparing us for the final run of episodes. We've got Angela and company FINALLY looking at Mike, Tommy talking to Teresi, and Tariq spiraling out of control.  ...Read More...