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An ill-equipped bachelor discovers his foray into sperm donation has resulted in many offspring and finds himself entangled in the lives of his new-found children and their less-than-thrilled families.

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This list contains shows that lasted for multiple seasons. Some deserved the lengthened run more so than others, but they all got that elusive renewal. Best of this List: Ghost Whisperer Worst of this List: Harry's Law Shout-Outs: About a Boy for being far more decent than it should have been, also way to stick 3 seasons David Walton! Galavant for turning Lassie into a singing prince Ghost Whisperer for being so cheesy but so watchable for some reason Happily Divorced for telling Fran Drescher's hilarious real-life story in a pretty decent way Harry's Law for somehow lasting 2 seasons Impastor and the Jim Gaffigan Show for helping to start TV Land's original programming Kyle XY for being from that fun time of weird ABC Family dramas before Freeform turned things vapid and overly-emotional The Lying Game for doing that twin deception thing, but actually making it pretty fun The Real O'Neals for being really, really gay in a kind of annoying way Reaper for having an oddly fun premise and character cast Togetherness for trying to be funny, and dramatic, and poignant, and heart-warming, and cathartic, but not really doing any of them well Touch for bringing an inventive and surprisingly engaging plot to TV Up All Night for giving an all-star cast some okay material V for doing some pretty fun and not overly heavy-handed alien stuff