Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Mondays on Syndication
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7 Seasons, 178 Episodes
60 Minutes
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The episodes follow the adventures of the crew of the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise. As the United Federation of Planets flagship, the Enterprise is designed for both exploration and diplomacy but capable of battle when necessary.

User Reviews

by jcfan

Nov 04, 2014 12:56 AM EST

I love the Star Trek universe. I started with the Original series and I wasn't sure about the Next Generation when I started, But I really enjoy it. Wish it would've went on for at least one more season. But I understand quitting while you are on top. Great sci-fi show and even though I'm normally not a huge fan of many stand alone episodes in a show, I greatly enjoy this show and don't mind all the stand alone stories. 8.6/10

by Dominic Wade

Nov 03, 2014 2:41 PM EST

Grew up watching ST:TNG at weekends on BBC Two and got hooked immediately. Parents got a bit miffed when my friends and I would procrastinate on homework because of this show. However, I still enjoy it even now I'm in my 20s.

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