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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season One Episode Reviews

We've already taken a look at  Star Trek: The Next Generation  - Season One on Blu-ray ( review here ). In further anticipation of this awesome release, we decided to break the season down, episode-by-episode, with mini-reviews of all 25 Season One episodes. Trek fans usually regard Season One to be the show's weakest. But, truth be told, there are some real gems here. And a great many episodes help not only establish the characters and further the mythology of the franchise, but the tone of the entire series. Read More... //www.ign.com/articles/2012/07/25/star-trek-the-next-generation-season-one-episode-reviews  

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 26 - The Neutral Zone

On stardate 41986.0, The Enterprise awaits the return of Captain Picard from an emergency Federation conference. On the Enterprise bridge, an ancient space capsule is detected drifting nearby which appears to originate from Earth. Commander Riker initially dismisses the derelict, but Lieutenant Commander Data persuades Riker to let him explore the capsule. Data and Worf beam aboard and discover it holds twelve cryonic freezing chambers. Some are empty, some hold decomposed bodies due to broken chamber seals, but three of the occupants, two men and a woman, appear viable. Data recovers a decaying information disk, hoping its contents can still be accessed. Riker hesitantly allows Data to return with the three. Picard returns and immediately orders La Forge to take the ship toward the Neutral Zone at warp eight. Picard reports to the senior staff that Starfleet has recently lost contact with several outposts bordering the Neutral Zone. The Romulans have remained secluded from the Federation for over fifty years and it is speculated that they might be testing Federation defenses. Picard states that violence against the Romulans remains a measure of last resort. Dr. Crusher tells Picard of the humans returned with Data from the capsule. Not sure what to do with them, Crusher has had them thawed. According to the recovered information, all the individuals had perished during the late 20th century, then were immediately frozen in the hopes that advances in medical technology might someday allow them to be revived. Healed of their injuries by Dr. Crusher, the three are now alive and recovering in sickbay. Picard calls Data to sickbay where he admonishes him for bringing over the patients at such an inopportune time. Later, Data retrieves more information about the three. The woman, named Claire Raymond, was a homemaker who died at 35 of an embolism. Ralph Offenhouse was a financier who died at 55 of advanced cardiomyopathy. L. Q. "Sonny" Clemmons was a musician who died from heavy substance abuse. Picard returns to the bridge and orders Riker to look after the patients until there is time to figure out what is to be done with them. In the meantime, Picard asks Counselor Troi what to expect of the Romulans. She calls them "creatures of extremes", noting their capacity for cruel violence as well as great tenderness. Troi continues that the Romulans are a naturally curious race who believe in their superiority over others, emphasizing their "wait-and-see" approach to dealing with conflicts. In the guest quarters, Riker and Data counsel the three revived capsule survivors trying to help ease them into 24th century life. Raymond is surprised to be aboard the Enterprise, surmising that her husband arranged to have her frozen without her knowledge. Offenhouse is concerned with his financial situation, demanding to use a telephone or see a Wall Street Journal. Clemmons makes himself right at home, requesting an alcoholic beverage and a cigar. Data explains to him such things can be synthesized from the ship's replicators, albeit with their "lethal qualities" eliminated. Clemmons is pleased at the high quality of the replicator, but is very disappointed when he learns of the obsolescence of television circa 2040. Clemmons tells Data: "Why don't you come back later on and you and me will find us a couple low mileage 'pit woofies' and help 'em build a memory." Picard calls Riker and asks him and Data to report back to the bridge. Offenhouse requests that Riker allow him to speak with the Captain immediately, and Raymond inquires as to her group's ultimate fate. Riker tells the two that both decisions will have to be made by the Captain. Six hours from the Neutral Zone, the Enterprise is still unable to establish contact with any of the nine silent outposts. Joining Picard on the bridge, Riker posits that if the Romulans are responsible, it would fit a historical pattern of violence, to which Data replies that Starfleet's information on the Romulans is 53 years out of date. Riker points out that the Romulans' information on the Federation is similarly outdated. Still, Riker believes that the Romulans are stirring up trouble so that Starfleet will send their best starship to investigate, thus allowing the Romulans "a perfect chance to see firsthand how far the Federation has advanced, both in technology and in technique". Riker and Worf feel the Enterprise should take an offensive stance. Data says that he agrees only if it can be determined that the Romulans' intentions are hostile. The discussion is interrupted when Offenhouse calls Captain Picard from the communications console in the guest quarters, demanding an audience with him. In doing so, he negatively compares the Enterprise to the luxury liner Queen Elizabeth 2. Before Offenhouse can complete his tirade, Picard arrives in guest quarters and tells him to refrain from using the com panel. Offenhouse states that his own situation is far more important than Picard's and demands that he be put in contact with the law firm that represented him in the 20th century. Picard attempts to explain the irrelevance of money and possessions in modern society; however, Raymond starts crying, wondering aloud at the fate of her children. Picard calls Counselor Troi to help resolve the situation. Raymond discusses her situation with Troi and mentions wanting to know what happened to her family. Troi offers to help her retrieve that information through the library computer. Meanwhile, a bored Clemmons has replicated a fancy acoustic guitar and invites Data to throw a party with him. The Enterprise reaches the Neutral Zone but finds the first outpost's host planet mysteriously wiped clean with no evidence of a conventional attack. As the Enterprise attempts to locate the next outpost, Offenhouse informs his comrades that he thinks something very serious is happening to the ship and sets off to determine what it is. The ship arrives at the second outpost, and it too is missing from its planet. Riker and Worf suggest raising Red Alert and manning battle stations. Picard says he does not wish to act rashly, so Yellow Alert is raised instead. Offenhouse finds his way to a turbolift and heads to the bridge. Worf's scanners indicate a disturbance in space that could be a cloaked Romulan vessel. Riker advises arming photon torpedoes and sending power to the phasers, but Picard decides against it, as it would alert the Romulans of their intentions and force them to take similar actions. The sensors indicate a decloaking Romulan vessel, but the ship recloaks after a moment. Offenhouse enters the bridge and after glimpsing the Romulan ship, he asks aloud "Who the hell are 'they'?", alerting the bridge crew to his presence. Riker orders two security officers to remove Offenhouse from the bridge, but he refuses to budge. Suddenly, a large Romulan warbird decloaks before them. The Enterprise hails the vessel. After a few tense moments, the Romulans respond. Captain Picard informs the Romulan commander that his vessel has crossed the Neutral Zone into Federation territory. The Romulans counter that the intrusion was necessary as outposts on the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone have also been destroyed, although they do not believe the Federation is responsible. Picard asks who they think is responsible for the attacks. Before the Romulans have a chance to reply, Offenhouse blurts out: "They haven’t got a clue! They’re hoping you know, but they’re too arrogant to ask." Picard proposes a cooperation with the Romulans, an agreement to share the results of their respective investigations on the matter; the Romulans grudgingly agree. Before departing, the Romulan commander ominously informs Picard that the Romulans "are back". At a computer console with Raymond, Troi finds a living descendant of Raymond’s on Earth, a great-great-great-great-great-grandson named Thomas. Raymond remarks at the similarity of his appearance to that of her husband. Later, in the observation lounge, Picard informs the three that the Enterprise will soon rendezvous with another ship which will take them to Earth. Offenhouse asks what he will do now that his money and office are gone. Picard points out that material needs do not exist in the 24th century. Offenhouse then wonders: "What's the challenge?" Picard responds: "The challenge, Mr. Offenhouse, is to improve yourself. To enrich yourself. Enjoy it." Back on the bridge, Riker laments that the three are leaving soon, as it would have been nice to get to know more about them, and they are a living window into what people were like in the 20th century. Picard assures everyone that it would have been good to get to know more about them, but that would be looking back to the past. The future is where they're going, and the crew has quite a bit more to see and do. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 25 - Conspiracy

On stardate 41775.5, the USS Enterprise is en route to Pacifica when Captain Picard receives a priority transmission from Captain Walker Keel (Jonathan Farwell) of the USS Horatio. Keel tells him they need to talk face-to-face on the planet Dytallix B in the Mira system as soon as possible – and not to trust anyone. The Enterprise arrives at the desolate planet where Worf detects three other Federation starships – the USS Renegade, (commanded by Tryla Scott (Ursaline Bryant)); the USS Thomas Paine, (commanded by Captain Rixx (Michael Berryman)); and the USS Horatio. None of the ships offer greetings and Picard beams to the planet alone. Picard materializes before a mine entrance where two figures level phasers at him. Captain Keel steps from the shadows and barrages Picard with a series of personal questions to be sure Picard is not an imposter. Keel then introduces Rixx and Scott and gets down to business. The three declare there have been strange patterns emerging within Starfleet – unusual orders, irrational proposals, unexplained deaths and accidents, and together they believe a new threat is emerging within their ranks. Picard is incredulous without proof, but Keel insists those at the top level of command are changing somehow. Keel insists that Picard keep his eyes open and to communicate with him covertly. Continuing course to Pacifica, Picard has Data review all orders Starfleet has given in the past six months to find any "anomalies". Next, the Enterprise comes upon a debris field which Worf determines to be the wreckage of the USS Horatio. Picard fills Riker in about the secret meeting and explains that during their visit to Relva VII, Admiral Quinn had indicated there was a subversion brewing within Starfleet. He believes Keel was warning of the same thing and destruction of the Horatio must have been sabotage. Data enters and relays his findings of a number of abnormal directives given with subtlety at the highest ranks. He suggests it could be an attempt to control vital areas of Federation space. Riker wonders if it could be a prelude to invasion. Picard boldly decides to go to Earth and find out directly from the top. The Enterprise heads at maximum warp to Earth and upon approach, is greeted by three senior officers – the Vulcan Admiral Savar (Henry Darrow), Admiral Arron (Ray Reinhardt), and the familiar Admiral Quinn (Ward Costello). In the background is Lt. Commander Dexter Remmick (Robert Schenkkan). Savar inquires about the unscheduled visit and Picard requests a meeting. Savar tells Picard and Riker to join them for dinner in 20 minutes. Quinn mentions he'd like to pay a visit to the Enterprise instead and beams aboard. To Picard's discouragement, Quinn says he doesn't recall the matter he discussed on Relva and states Picard must have misunderstood their discussion of Starfleet's problems with integration of new alien races. Picard excuses himself for the dinner engagement, but as Quinn heads off, Picard takes Riker aside to tell him Quinn is an imposter. Riker is skeptical, but Picard tells him to keep an eye on him. After Picard departs, Riker enters Quinn's quarters and finds the man staring into a metal case. Quinn explains it's a new life form discovered during a survey mission and reveals a squirming, bug-like creature with a nasty set of pincers. Quinn claims it to be "a superior form of life" leaving Riker puzzled. Riker suggest letting a science officer see it, but Quinn coldly replies, "It won't like your science officer. It does like you." With surprisingly superior strength, Quinn grabs Riker's arm. When Riker tries to pull away, Quinn attacks him, and throws him across the room when Riker calls for help. Meanwhile on Earth, Picard tries to explain his visit to the Admirals. When Admiral Arron offers a toast to the Horatio, Picard asks about the cause of the ship's destruction. Savar states it was negligence on the part of her captain. Back on the Enterprise, Worf and Geordi run to Quinn's room and find Riker on the floor. Quinn calmly tries to leave, but La Forge blocks the door. Quinn takes a swing at Geordi who fires his phaser, but the Admiral absorbs the beam and quickly recovers. Quinn then throws La Forge through the doors and out into the corridor. Worf takes a defensive stance and strikes Quinn, who isn't fazed. He tries to throw Worf as well, but Dr. Crusher enters and hits Quinn with multiple phaser blasts to floor him. While examining Admiral Quinn in sickbay, Dr. Crusher notices a thornlike protrusion on the back of his neck which squirms when disturbed. Alarmed, she begins a cranial scan. Picard contacts the Enterprise for an update and Dr. Crusher informs him of the events involving Admiral Quinn. She explains that he has some kind of parasite attached to his brain, explaining the odd behavior and incredible strength. They cannot be removed without killing the host. She tells him other infected people will have a gill protrusion on the back of the neck and that phaser stun has little effect against them. Picard arrives for dinner only to discover squirming larvae being served as the main course. The others gulp them down, and Picard tries to escape but finds Riker blocking his path. Admiral Arron checks Riker's neck which is revealed to have the parasite gill protruding from it. Picard demands to know who and what they are. Savar states they have come a long way to join humanity, serving as the brains while the human body will be the brawn. He indicates they will soon control everything, especially now that they have the Enterprise. Picard watches Riker grab a handful of maggots. While the others grin with sinister delight, Riker prepares to put the squirming larvae in his mouth, but he suddenly draws his phaser and blasts a guard. Tryla draws her weapon, but Riker cuts her down. Picard acquires the fallen guard's weapon and together he and Riker take down the remaining officers. As Arron slumps to the floor a parasite crawls from his mouth and scuttles under a nearby door. The two follow the parasite where it runs to Remmick sitting at a computer console. Remmick turns around to face them and allows the bug to crawl up his leg and enter his open mouth. Riker and Picard are horrified as Remmick's neck bulges from the movement of other bugs. He says, "We mean you no harm. We seek peaceful co-existence." With their phasers at maximum setting, Picard and Riker simultaneously fire at Remmick, whose head and upper torso explode. Dozens of dead alien bugs fall from the corpse, then a large creature rises from the remains of Remmick's lower torso and shrieks in anger. Riker and Picard fire until it vaporizes. Picard and Riker return to the ship. Dr. Crusher reports the parasite inside Quinn has dwindled to nothingness. Apparently, they cannot survive without the mother creature that was inside Remmick. The lingering question is what those creatures are and where they come from. Data indicates that before Remmick was killed, he was sending a signal toward a distant quadrant of the galaxy. It appears to be a homing beacon, perhaps to guide something to Earth. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 24 - We'll Always Have Paris

On stardate 41697.9, the USS Enterprise is on course to Sarona VIII for shore leave. Captain Picard has begun his recreation in the ship's gymnasium, practicing fencing with Lt. Dean. He and Dean are sparring against each other when suddenly, there is a shift in time and the last few seconds repeat. Picard calls the bridge and Commander Riker reports that the ship has passed through a distortion in time. Picard goes to the bridge where Lt. Worf receives an automated distress call from Dr. Paul Manheim, stating an urgent need of assistance. Riker recalls the story that Manheim was ejected from the Federation Science Institute for conducting unauthorized experiments. Picard orders an intercept course. Picard goes to the holodeck and brings up a program for the patio of the "Café Des Artistes" where he takes in the 24th century Paris skyline. He observes a lovely young girl at a nearby table talking to a friend and overhears her conversation about her boyfriend's decision to join Starfleet which would result in his leaving her behind on Earth. It bears an uncanny resemblance to Picard's past, when he made a similar decision against the wishes of a former girlfriend, and the memory pains him. Picard returns to the bridge where Riker reports the time ripple was also felt by the USS Lalo and the colony on Coltar IV. La Forge then picks up new coordinates relayed from the original source of the distress call, but it leads to the isolated Vandor system. Apparently, Manheim doesn't want to be found. Heading to Vandor, they find a battered planetoid orbiting a red giant and a pulsar. Sensors detect an impenetrable force field surrounding the planetoid which is emanating from a facility on the surface. They then receive a hysterical call from a woman who says her husband, Dr. Manheim, is injured. The two are beamed directly to sickbay where Dr. Crusher reports Manheim is fading in and out of consciousness. Picard arrives to see Manheim's wife Jenice standing in the doorway. She is surprised at the sight of him and calls him "Jean-Luc". He takes her into Crusher's office where she says her husband has been working in the lab for days, but she doesn't know what he's been doing. Picard says he will beam an away team down to investigate, but Jenice warns of her husband's elaborate security systems. Picard walks to the bridge with Data and Riker. When the three enter the turbolift, they see themselves for a moment standing behind them. Data indicates the "Manheim Effect" is becoming more prevalent. On the bridge, Data reports the presence of an energy beam in the main lab of the facility, suggesting it may be keeping the dimensional door open. He states Manheim made pioneering efforts in the theories of linear time before leaving the institute and Picard wonders if any of it has to do with whatever is going on down there. Riker, Data and Worf beam down, but when they materialize in a corridor of the station, their forms become erratic and they bounce back to the Enterprise. Crusher calls Picard to let him know that Dr. Manheim has finally woken; the captain and Data rush down to talk to him. Manheim is confused about what happened, incoherently saying he has been to the "other side". Picard tells him that whatever he has done is affecting the entire galaxy. Manheim says he was experimenting with relationships of time and gravity and states he was able to produce a funnel into another dimension. Manheim says he doesn't remember his security codes, but provides transport coordinates that he thinks should be safe. He then falls back to unconsciousness. Picard heads to the observation lounge where Jenice enters looking for him. She asks him why he stood her up in Paris. He admits it was fear in losing her and himself. She admits she still loves him. Picard is fearful that if the time experiment goes out of control, he'll lose her again. Down in sickbay, Manheim awakens. Picard arrives and Manheim tells him that he deserves Jenice; he knows she has always loved him. He wants to be sure that whatever happens to him, Picard must promise to take care of her. Later, Data reports that they have bypassed the security system and the captain gives him approval to beam down alone. Data beams down into a corridor and encounters blasts from two automated security phasers. He fires at the weapons to disable them. Inside the lab, he finds a column of energy which makes waves of visual distortion. He calls to the Enterprise and indicates that he can add antimatter to the dimensional matrix and restabilize the energy flow. This should cause the dimensional window to collapse and end the "Manheim Effect". Data removes the antimatter container and readies to insert it into the dimensional column. He looks back and is amazed to see his past self entering the room. A third Data appears and repeats the actions of the second. Data realizes that only one of his counterparts is in the correct timeline. They decide to work together simultaneously; as one, the Datas insert the antimatter, causing the column of energy to flare up before finally vanishing. The hole has been plugged and Data's doubles disappear. Aboard the Enterprise, Manheim makes an instant recovery. Jenice is ecstatic. He assures her that everything is okay now. Manheim thanks Picard for his help and assures him he will not conduct such a foolish experiment again. With everything settled, Picard heads back to the holodeck cafe program. He sits at his table and smiles when he sees Jenice, who came to say goodbye, enter. They share a glass of wine together. Jenice and her husband head back to their facility as Picard goes to the bridge. He tells Riker he remembers them being on their way to Sarona VIII, mentioning a great bar there, but he forgot the name. Deanna recalls the place, the "Blue Parrot Café", and Picard tells her she's buying. Source: Wikipedia 24 If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 23 - Skin of Evil

The Enterprise is temporarily adrift in the Zed Lapis system during a realignment of the warp drive's dilithium crystal chamber and await Counselor Troi's return from a conference. Suddenly, they receive a distress signal from the shuttlecraft transporting Counselor Troi; it has crash-landed on the remote planet Vagra II. Once in orbit around the planet, Commander Riker beams down to the surface with Lieutenant Commander Data, Dr. Crusher, and Lieutenant Yar. The away team encounters a strange pool of black sludge near the downed shuttle that reacts to their movements and continually blocks their passage. When Data suggests that the sludge is an intelligent lifeform, the black pool affirms Data's suggestion and forms a vague humanoid shape. The creature identifies itself as Armus, then proceeds to taunt the away team for no reason. When Yar boldly heads for the shuttle, Armus hurls her across the plain with a psychokinetic blast. Riker and Data both fire their phasers at Armus, with absolutely no effect. As Armus retreats into the sludge, Dr. Crusher tries to stabilize Yar. When Captain Picard demands a report from on board the bridge, a stunned Dr. Crusher reports that Yar is dead. The away team is immediately beamed back up to the Enterprise and they hurry to sick bay to try to save Yar's life. Dr. Crusher attempts several emergency techniques to revive her, but the synaptic damage is too extensive. Picard enters sick bay just before Dr. Crusher sadly announces that "she's (Yar) gone." Inside the shuttlecraft, Armus taunts Troi with the news of Yar's death. Troi remains composed and tries to get into his head to find out what motivates him. Meanwhile, the crew discuss their options. Lieutenant Worf is promoted to Acting Chief of Security. The crew learn that Armus feeds on phaser energy and is capable of manipulating energy fields which can block their communications and transporters. Riker assembles another away team, this time bringing along Geordi La Forge, who hopes to use his VISOR to see things in Armus that escape normal vision. Armus is surprised at the crew members' determination to rescue their comrades. Troi then senses that Armus was left behind on Vagra II by "the others," a suggestion that enrages the creature. He accosts the new away team, this time toying with each of them out of sheer cruelty. When the away team eventually refuses to play along, Armus returns to the shuttle. This time, Troi manipulates Armus into talking about the ones who abandoned him. He describes them as a race of titans whose beauty "now dazzles all who gaze upon them." The titans were able to purge everything evil and negative from their bodies and manifested it into a "skin of evil," the living creature Armus, which they shed and left on Vagra II. Troi offers her sincerest pity, which enrages Armus. He attacks Commander Riker and pulls him completely into the black sludge pool. He begins to torture Riker from within the pool, but Riker refuses to give in. Onboard the Enterprise, Worf discovers that when Armus envelops the shuttlecraft, the energy field that he emits dissipates almost to the point where Troi and shuttlecraft pilot Ben Prieto can be safely beamed up to the ship. Troi can feel Riker's agony and begs Armus to release him, offering herself in exchange. Just then, Captain Picard, who has decided to confront Armus one-on-one, beams down to the planet. Armus releases Riker, and Picard orders the away team beamed back up to the ship. He then demands to speak with Troi, which Armus allows. Troi tells Picard that when Armus speaks to her, he is forced to face his loneliness and sadness, which drops his guard and, Picard deduces, the strength of his energy field. Once Picard is outside again, Armus demands to board the Enterprise and leave Vagra II. Picard asks if it is because he wants to find the ones who left him there in the first place. Armus becomes angry, and Picard continues to fuel the creature's rage by heightening his feelings of loneliness. He then flatly refuses to give Armus transport. Armus, now screaming hysterically, cannot sustain his energy field, and the Enterprise transports Picard, Troi, and Prieto off Vagra II. The Enterprise destroys the shuttlecraft and declares Vagra II off-limits. Back on the Enterprise, the crew assemble in the Holodeck. Picard announces that they are gathered to celebrate Yar's life and plays a pre-recorded simulation of her. The holographic Yar addresses each of the crew members in turn, telling each what she has learned from them and how profoundly they affected her life. After the conclusion of the service, Data believes that he has misinterpreted its meaning, saying that his thoughts are not of Tasha, but of himself, and how empty he will feel without her presence. He asks Picard if he missed the point, but Picard reassures him, "No, you didn't, Data; you got it." Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 22 - Symbiosis

The episode begins with the USS Enterprise entering the Delos system to study a star that is undergoing magnetic field changes. Suddenly, they receive a distress call from another ship. Responding to the call, the Enterprise moves to render aid and finds a battered freighter in a rapidly decaying orbit around a planet. Sporadic communication is made with the ship's captain, T'Jon, who explains that his ship, The Sanction, has lost power. Lt. Yar suggests pulling the ship out of orbit with the tractor beam, but the solar activity causes the beam to fail. Data finds that a coil in the Sanction's engines is damaged and Captain Picard offers T'Jon a replacement. T'Jon is delighted, but is embarrassed to admit that neither he nor his crew know how to install it. Worf warns that the ship has only minutes before break up, so Picard orders a risky emergency beam out. Yar and Commander Riker proceed to the transporter room and Yar takes over the controls. T'Jon signals they are ready to beam over, but as the transport completes, a cargo barrel materializes on the pad instead of the crew. In disbelief, Yar beams the container to a hold and tries again. With time running out, she locks on to whatever life readings she can find and energizes the beam. In space, the Sanction explodes. Riker then informs the bridge that they only managed to save four of the six crew members. On the pad stand four humanoids; three men and one woman. T'Jon and Romas, appearing scruffy and unclean, are acting nervous and high-strung while Sobi and Langor, appearing well groomed and richly dressed, act completely calm. T'Jon immediately inquires about the container and demands to see it. Not understanding their persistence, Riker leads them to see their "precious cargo". Upon seeing the container, Sobi and Langor appear gratified; however, T'Jon and Romas are ecstatic and embrace the barrel almost lovingly. Langor casually reminds T'Jon that the barrel is her and Sobi's property, but T'Jon argues, saying they already paid for it with goods in trade. Sobi points out that the goods have gone down with the Sanction and therefore the "deal" is void. The parties verbally bicker until it gets physical, with T'Jon lunging at Sobi and discharging a burst of energy from his hands. Sobi shakes him off and gives T'Jon a shocking grasp of his own. Security arrives and escorts the guests to the observation lounge. Yar admits concern about this strange power, stating that a natural electrical discharge is a difficult "weapon" to confiscate. In the observation lounge, the calm Brekkans, Sobi and Langor, sit opposite their overtly stressed counterparts, T'Jon and Romas, who are from Ornara. On the bridge, Picard asks Data for information on the two races, but Data states there is little about them on record, indicating that the only known contact was over 200 years ago. A scout ship had reported two inhabited planets with cultures on the verge of space travel; however, neither culture seems to have advanced any further in the past two centuries. Picard meets the aliens and offers his regrets for not saving their ship. T'Jon is curious however, explaining they have two more freighters in need of repair. Data sees no problem in fabricating replacement components if needed. The topic of the cargo comes up and Picard notes that there seems to be some dispute over ownership. T'Jon claims the problem is a matter of life and death, explaining the barrel holds "Felicium", a medicine for a lethal plague on their world. Langor explains that the plant that yields Felicium grows only in remote areas of his world of Brekka. Sobi adds that it must be painstakingly cultivated and refined, a complex and expensive process, and a single barrel of Felicium represents an enormous investment that they can't just "give" away. Arguments flare again with the Ornarans stating once again that the barrel has already been paid for. Romas says they will soon see what the plague is doing to them when the symptoms take hold of him and T'Jon. Picard becomes alarmed that T'Jon and Romas are carrying a plague, and Romas states that every Ornaran does. Not wanting to risk an outbreak in case the transporter biofilters missed it, Picard initiates a medical emergency and calls for Dr. Crusher. The four aliens are taken to sickbay, where Beverly runs tests, but from what she can tell, Sobi and Langor are in perfect health. T'Jon and Romas, however, appear to be getting worse, but she can't find the cause. T'Jon pressures Picard, explaining that what is happening to them is happening to thousands on their world. Picard talks to the Brekkans and asks if they'd permit T'Jon and Romas some Felicium for their immediate needs. They kindly offer two doses "free of charge". Picard takes the aliens to the hold where they are joined by Data and Dr. Crusher. Langor opens part of the barrel and withdraws a circular device which exposes thousands of tiny white pills. She delicately extracts a single pill and places it inside the device for processing. Beverly asks about the dosage, to which Langor answers that it is .01 milliliters. Beverly is impressed with its potency and Sobi explains that advancements in the refinement process have reduced the required dosage, adding that this single shipment would once have filled five rooms the size of the cargo bay. Data asks if technology from their other industries was used to improve the refinement process, but Sobi answers that the Brekkans have no other industry. The Onarans provide them with everything they need in exchange for the Felicium which they produce exclusively — a product which the Brekkans have no use for, but the Ornarans cannot live without. Beverly takes the serum to the sick Ornarans who practically rip the device from her hands. T'Jon prepares a hypo and injects it into his and Romas's hands. Almost immediately, the two aliens begin to relax as if a euphoric bliss has washed over them, making Beverly suspicious. She reports to Picard, stating that she might not fully understand Ornaran physiology, but she recognizes physical reactions to a narcotic and she surmises that the Ornarans are drug addicts. Elsewhere, Data has uncovered more information about the aliens which explains that the two cultures took different paths; Ornara became technologically advanced and Brekka did not. However, 200 years ago, a devastating plague ravaged Ornara. Somehow, a cure was discovered in a plant indigenous only to Brekka, which resisted cultivation attempts on Ornara. A trading system was established which still exists today; the Brekkans provide the medicine and Ornara provide Brekka with goods and technology (which Brekkans cannot provide for themselves, as their entire economy and industry are dedicated to producing Felicium). Beverly comes forward with new findings revealing that Felicium had completely wiped out the plague, but the Ornarans have become so addicted to it that they still believe it's needed to survive. Despite the reports, Picard says he can do nothing about it, pointing out that the situation has gone on for a long time and the two civilizations are intertwined in a symbiotic relationship. Beverly only sees it as one race profiting at the expense of another. Regardless of moral sensibilities, Picard states it is not their mission to enforce Federation values on other worlds and refuses to get involved. Soon a transmission from Ornara comes in; a man named Margan speaks with T'Jon and Romas. Margan insists that T'Jon get the drug to their world immediately, stating that people are dying. The transmission ends and, under duress, T'Jon grabs hold of Riker and stuns him with his electrical power. He demands they be given the Felicium and a shuttlecraft. He threatens that if they refuse, he will kill Riker. Picard tells him he won't be coerced, but T'Jon is very desperate. T'Jon finally relents and lets Riker go. He is near breakdown and tearfully begs Picard to help him. Sobi and Langor tell Picard they have decided to hand over their shipment to the Ornarans and they can pay them back at some other time as they do not wish to cause further suffering. Picard realizes that the shoe was once on the other foot and asks if the Ornarans ever knew that the plague also occurred on Brekka. The two feign ignorance, but Beverly states the Brekkans realized Felicium caused addiction which remained after the plague was eradicated, but that knowledge was kept from their neighbors. Picard suspects the refinement process has only made the drug more potent so they could tighten their grip on the Ornarans even further. Langor and Sobi become nervous but Picard says the secret is safe since he isn't permitted to tell the Ornarans anything - doing so would violate the Prime Directive. The Brekkans understand that Picard has no choice but to allow the devious practice to continue. Beverly is furious and accuses the Brekkans of enslaving another race just so their pitiful lives would be made easier. Eventually, the Enterprise arrives at Ornara. Down in the hold, the four aliens prepare to beam down along with their container and the gifts of newly fabricated parts for the Ornaran freighters. At the last second however, Picard says he will not be giving them the parts and states that if their ships are broken, they will have to repair them on their own. T'Jon explains that without the parts their trade cannot continue and Sobi tells Picard that it will disrupt a trade agreement that has lasted for centuries. Langor asks what the Prime Directive says about this, but Picard states that nothing in the directive compels him to offer aid. T'Jon is disgusted, claiming Picard has condemned them to death, but Beverly urges them to find other options. T'Jon states that he hopes Picard knows what he has done to them. Picard replies, of that, he can be sure. He wishes them luck and gives the order to transport the aliens away. Beverly is proud of her Captain, but has sympathy for the Ornarans who will feel intense withdrawal pains. Picard replies that as painful as it will be, the people of Ornara and Brekka must shape their own destinies. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 21 - The Arsenal of Freedom

On stardate 41798.2, the USS Enterprise searches the Lorenze Cluster for the USS Drake which has mysteriously vanished during a survey of the planet Minos. Reports indicate that the planet is uninhabited but was once home to an advanced civilization known as the Minoans who were arms merchants during the Ersalrope Wars, manufacturing highly advanced weaponry for both sides of the war. Upon entering orbit, the Enterprise receives a hail from the planet. A cheerful man with a rolling voice appears on the screen announcing greetings from Minos, "The Arsenal of Freedom." Captain Picard tries to respond, but the figure talks over him—an obviously pre-recorded message. Commander Riker heads a small away team and beams down with Lt. Commander Data and Lieutenant Tasha Yar. The three arrive in an area overgrown by ferns, filled with the sounds of birds and insects. Riker hears a voice behind him say "Hello." Turning, he sees Captain Paul Rice, commander of the Drake, appear from nowhere. Riker asks what happened to the Drake and her crew but Rice eludes his questions. Sensor scans indicate that the only life signs are the away team's, meaning Rice is obviously a projection. Riker becomes suspicious and when Rice asks who sent them, Riker replies, "Your mother. She's worried about you." Rice then asks about the Enterprise, wondering what kind of defensive systems she has. Riker plays along, saying his ship is called the Lollipop (assuring Rice that "it's a good ship"). Rice then asks about the capabilities of the Lollipop since he's never heard of it. Riker makes up some confusing numbers and dodges his other questions, then tells Rice he's noticed he hasn't addressed him by his first name yet. Rice hesitates, searching for a response, but Riker knows he is unable to answer the question because he isn't real. The image of Rice fades to reveal some kind of robotic sentry that fires a beam which encases Riker in a bubble of energy. Tasha fires her phaser at the sentry and destroys it, then informs Picard of the situation. He orders the transporter room to beam them up immediately, but they are unable to get a lock. Data reports that Riker is in some sort of stasis; he theorizes that the purpose for the containment is storage, guessing, sooner or later, that something will come along to collect him. Picard tells them he is beaming down. He orders Dr. Crusher to accompany him, and leaves La Forge in command. Picard and Crusher beam down to check on Riker. Picard says he had heard of a similar intelligence-gathering system used during the Ersalrope Wars which projects an image of someone of trust in order to obtain tactical information. If that didn't work, the device would immobilize the subject so they could be brought in for interrogation. Worf calls down to warn them of another energy reading at their location. Before they can react, another sentry appears and fires at them. This drone seems to react better to their counterattack than the last one did. The team runs in all directions to take cover. Picard and Dr. Crusher head to a clearing where the ground seems to swallow them up. Picard tries to catch Beverly, but they both fall through to a chamber below. Picard lands in a safe position atop of a pile of sand, but Beverly is half buried under rubble. Picard clears it away before she suffocates. Meanwhile, the sentry chases Data and Yar. When the drone is in range, they both fire at once; since it can't dodge two blasts at one time, it is hit and explodes. The pair head back toward the Captain and Doctor but find they have vanished. Yar tries to contact the Enterprise, but the communicators are rendered useless. Underground, Picard tends to Beverly's injuries. She has a broken arm and multiple lacerations. Picard tries his communicator but it is also inoperative. Back on the surface, Data manages to free Riker from the stasis field with a carefully set blast from his phaser. Riker is alive, but disoriented. Back on the Enterprise, Worf detects a small object nearing the ship. A small probe, not unlike the ones on the planet, appears and fires a ray. The Enterprise shakes violently. Before Worf gets a lock on the object it disappears. Confused, Worf scans again, finding it has moved astern. It fires again, wrenching the ship, then disappears once more. Just then, Chief Engineer Logan enters the bridge. He demands to know why they haven't left orbit yet, stating he should take command since he outranks La Forge; Geordi explains Picard left him in command of the ship. Logan argues that Picard didn't know the ship would be attacked. Worf tracks the probe coming around for another pass, saying it is using some kind of cloaking device. La Forge tells Logan to get back to engineering and pump all the power into the shields. Logan reluctantly obeys. Back on the planet, the team searches for Picard and Dr. Crusher. Data detects a third sentry headed their way, but this one is protected by a shield. He surmises that these products are able to upgrade themselves. When the drone appears, they ambush it from all sides. The shield doesn't hold up against three phaser blasts, and the sentry explodes. Yar wonders how many more will show up, and Data responds that he estimates a 12 minute period between the arrival of each drone. Down in the cavern, Picard tends to Beverly but she has lost the medical kit. He has to make do with what roots and leaves he can find to craft makeshift bandages. Losing blood, Beverly drifts in and out of consciousness. He orders her to keep talking and stay awake because he needs her help, but she is going into shock. The battle above the planet is still waging as the probe continues its unrelenting attack. Shields are collapsing, and the situation is desperate. Geordi calls Logan to the bridge and orders the ship to leave orbit of the planet. Geordi tells Logan to take command of the saucer section; he'll split the ship and head back with the battle section to rescue the others. Geordi takes Worf and two crewmen to the battle bridge as the Enterprise separates. Back in the cavern, Picard notices a flicker of light behind some heavy overgrowth and clears it away. He is amazed to find what looks like a computer terminal. Above him, Data discovers they are standing upon an artificial structure. He finds an air vent leading underground. Below, Picard looks over the ancient computer system. He presses some buttons and is startled when a hologram of the salesman appears before him. The salesman goes over the details of the system, explaining that they have devised the perfect killing system of intelligent weapons. Picard realizes the Minoans were poor fools. The first time they activated this defense system, something must have gone wrong and they were destroyed by their own creation. Picard interrupts the sales pitch and tells the salesman to stop the drones; the salesman insists on completing the demonstration. Riker calls down the air shaft. Picard runs to the hole and warns them the defense system is about to attack again. Data announces that he can survive the drop and leaps down to land safely. Riker and Yar run to find cover. Picard shows Data the computer terminal indicating that a drone has been launched and is heading for their location. They have to find a way to shut it down. Data begins to tamper with the programming schematics and Picard asks Data if it's possible to change the target parameters. He tells Data to set it to attack the power systems of the machinery that built it, but Data warns him the explosion would destroy the entire system, and them along with it. Beverly speaks up, saying, "Just shut it off!" Picard turns to the salesman and tells him to shut it down, but the salesman indicates they haven't seen half of what it can do. Picard demands he shut it off, now! The salesman asks, "Does that mean you are going to buy it?" Picard shouts, "Yes! You've made the sale!" The salesman smiles saying, "You won't be sorry". He vanishes and the system powers down. Picard calls to the Enterprise, but the ship is busy at the moment. The Battle Section is still engaged with the drone. It takes pot shots at them and pulls its disappearing trick, making it impossible to track. Geordi takes the Battle Section into a risky nosedive until it's inside the planet's atmosphere. The cloaked probe gives chase, but as it does so, the friction of the atmosphere makes a visible disturbance. Worf targets the fireball and annihilates the drone. The Enterprise heads out of the atmosphere, beaming up the stranded away team at the same time. The attack is over, and the Enterprise heads back to rendezvous with the saucer section. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 20 - Heart of Glory

On stardate 41503.7, the USS Enterprise detects a battle in progress and heads into the Neutral Zone to investigate. They find a crippled Talarian freighter, The Batris, and lingering weapon signatures, possibly Ferengi or Romulan. Data indicates that all systems including life-support are failing and he detects three life signs toward the ship's engineering section. Commander Riker leads a boarding party consisting of Lieutenant La Forge and Mr. Data. Captain Picard believes this is the perfect opportunity for Geordi to test his new "visual acuity sensor", a device that attaches to his VISOR and relays what he sees back to the bridge viewer. The party beams over to the freighter, and Geordi activates his sensor. What he sees is revealed to the bridge crew. Picard finds it difficult to make out anything in the kaleidoscopic array of images and color. Geordi can see stress lines forming and warns the freighter could break apart any minute. Data leads them back to engineering and Geordi's transmission from his VISOR eventually ceases. The group reaches engineering and finds a jammed hatchway. Data pries open the door. Riker sees humanoid figures move from the shadows; Klingons, and one is badly wounded. The first speaks, identifying himself as Captain Korris, but Riker tells him they have to get out of there. With the Klingons in tow, the group heads out. Outside the Enterprise, the Batris explodes in a shower of debris as the away team barely makes it back. The injured Klingon, Kunivas, is rushed to sickbay while Korris and his lieutenant, Konmel, follow. Picard and Worf head down and find Dr. Crusher working urgently to save Kunivas' life. The Klingons raise their brows when they see a fellow Klingon, dressed in a Starfleet uniform, enter the room. Picard asks Korris why they were aboard a Talarian freighter in the middle of the Neutral Zone. Korris explains the Talarians were transporting them to Outpost M-Zed Five. They were attacked without warning by a Ferengi vessel. During the course of the battle, they must have unknowingly drifted into the Neutral Zone. Worf indicates the weapons used were not Ferengi. Korris states the ship was Ferengi, but they were using Klingon weapons. Picard asks what precipitated the attack, but Korris says he doesn't know. He states the Talarians couldn't handle the situation, so they took charge. They tricked the Ferengi into lowering their shields and when they did so, they attacked them with a battery of old Merculite rockets, destroying the Ferengi ship. Worf escorts the Klingons to their quarters. Once there, Konmel orders Klingon food and ale from the replicator. Korris says he didn't know there were Klingons serving aboard Federation starships and asks, "How does the hunter feel lying with the prey?" Picard later calls Korris to notify him that Kunivas' condition is worsening. They head to sickbay and approach the dying warrior. Korris holds Kunivas' eyes open with his thumbs and stares into them. The three Klingons quickly look to the ceiling and bellow a fierce roar as Kunivas gasps his last breath and falls limp. Then they lower their heads quietly for a moment. The three Klingons leave and, as they walk, Konmel mentions Kunivas' death would have been more glorious had he been killed by an enemy. Worf is confused and asks if he wasn't killed by an enemy, who was it that attacked them? Korris switches subjects however, asking Worf to explain his reason for joining Starfleet. Worf tells his tale of how after the Romulans attacked the Khitomer outpost, he was left for dead in the rubble. A Starfleet officer found him and took him to Gault to raise him as a son. Konmel realizes Worf hasn't spent much time among his own kind. Korris admits lying to Picard about their situation. In fact, they had commandeered the freighter to search for a place they could live their lives as true Klingons. It was one of their own ships, sent to bring them back, that they had battled with. Worf is stunned that they would dare to attack one of their own ships, and Korris admits they didn't want to battle their brothers; they had no choice. He says their leaders have been corrupted by the illusion of peace. The Klingons continue their tour of the ship while Konmel muses about the magnificent battles they could wage at the helm of the Enterprise. On the bridge, Picard is still thinking about the Klingon death ritual. He wonders about the howl they made at the moment of death, to which Data replies that it is a warning to the dead; "Beware. A Klingon warrior is about to arrive." Data reports a Klingon cruiser is approaching. Picard opens a channel to and receives a reply from Commander K'Nera who wonders why the Enterprise is in the Neutral Zone. Picard explains that they were investigating a battle, and have brought three Klingon survivors aboard. K'Nera asks if they are from the cruiser T'Acog, but Picard says they were aboard a freighter, and their leader is Captain Korris. K'Nera reacts with anger and explains that Korris is a criminal. He demands that Picard return them as soon as they are within transport range. Picard has Lt. Yar locate the Klingons and she finds them on Deck 17 near the battle bridge. He tells her to send a security team down to arrest them. Tasha leads an armed detail to Deck 17 and finds Worf and the fugitive Klingons. She indicates they are to be taken into custody and tells Worf to step away. Worf hesitates for a moment. Suddenly, a lift door opens behind them and a little girl runs out and right into Korris. Korris picks up the child as the mother gasps in terror. Tasha informs Picard a hostage has been taken, but Korris shoots her a glance then hands the child to Worf, who hands the child back to her mother. Tasha relaxes, and Korris and Konmel peacefully surrender. Tasha approaches Worf who appears confused. When she expresses her relief that Korris didn't take the child hostage, Worf replies, "Cowards take hostages. Klingons do not." Worf goes to the bridge where Picard explains that Korris and Konmel are fugitives. Worf replies that they will be tried and executed. Picard lets him know that he is not unmindful of Worf's mixed feelings, but he has no choice in the matter. Data reports that the Klingon ship is within range, and Picard hails them to prepare for transfer. Worf requests to speak with the commander. Picard allows it, and Worf steps forward to the viewscreen. Worf offers K'Nera a plead for Korris' and Konmel's freedom. K'Nera refuses, stating their actions have threatened the alliance; they disobeyed orders and must be punished. Worf agrees they must be punished, but not executed with dishonor. He requests they be taken to the Halee system to allow them to meet death on their feet with a weapon in their hand. K'Nera too wishes they could fly free, but he has no choice. Down in the brig, Korris and Konmel remove various objects from their uniforms and fashion a wicked looking disruptor pistol. Using another device, Konmel neutralizes the cell's force field. The guards react and Korris blasts one of them dead. The second guard hits Konmel but Korris runs out blasting wildly, killing the guard in the crossfire. Konmel lies dead as Korris runs down the corridor toward engineering. He goes to the catwalk that surrounds the ship's warp core. Tasha and a security force enter and see Korris is pointing his weapon right at the dilithium chamber. On the bridge, Picard is informed of the crisis and he and Worf rush to engineering. Worf heads for a ladder and climbs it to the catwalk. Korris responds, "Brother! I knew you would come." He states he will not allow the "traitors of Kling" to take him back. He wants Picard to surrender the battle bridge, then states he and Worf will take the battle section of the Enterprise and light up the galaxy. Worf orders him to put down the phaser, but Korris tells Worf not to deny the challenge of his destiny. Worf tells him the test of a warrior is within and it is the weakness inside he must overcome. He tells Korris that he talks of glory and conquest, but questions whether he also remembers duty, honor, and loyalty, without which a warrior is nothing. Korris rails into Worf, telling him that living among the humans has made him weak. He doesn't care what Worf looks like; he is no Klingon! Worf replies "perhaps not" and, without warning, blasts Korris with his phaser sending him crashing through a transparent deck plate to the floor of the lower engineering level. Worf heads down and takes the dying man's head in his hands to peer into his eyes. Suddenly, he lets out the ominous roar of the Klingon death ritual. Picard returns to the bridge to inform K'Nera that Korris is dead. K'Nera asks to speak with Worf, who steps forward. K'Nera asks how they died, and Worf responds, "They died well." Before signing off, K'Nera invites Worf, when his tour of duty expires aboard the Enterprise, to serve aboard a Klingon ship. Worf appreciates the offer and says he'll consider it. K'Nera signs off. Worf turns to see the rest of his colleagues staring at him with some tension. He assures them he was just being polite and has no desire to leave the Enterprise. Picard smiles and exclaims, "Mr. Worf! The bridge wouldn't be the same without you." Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 19 - Coming of Age

The Enterprise arrives at Relva VII so that Wesley Crusher can attend the Starfleet Academy entrance examination. He runs into his friend Jake Kurland, a distraught young man who, unlike Wesley, has been turned down for the entrance examination. Despite some encouragement, Kurland still feels as if he has disappointed everyone. At the same time, Captain Picard is visited by Admiral Gregory Quinn, a Starfleet Admiral and close personal friend of Picard's. Quinn has arrived with Lieutenant Commander Dexter Remmick, a Starfleet Inspector who has come aboard to gauge the Enterprise for faults in crew performance and protocol. Picard demands an explanation, but Quinn maintains that this is a classified investigation that demands full cooperation. Meanwhile, Wesley Crusher encounters his competition at the testing center. He will be up against T'Shanik, a Vulcan female, Oliana Mirren, a human female, and Mordock, a highly talented Benzite with superior mathematical skills. Starfleet Officer Chang arrives to congratulate the applicants on their highly esteemed talents, but reveals that only one applicant will be chosen out of the four for acceptance into the Academy. Without further ado, he begins the process of testing. On the Enterprise, Commander Remmick begins his investigation, breathing down the necks of bridge crew members and thoroughly irritating Commander Riker. He confronts Picard in his ready room as to the real reason behind Remmick's visit. Picard shares his equal frustration with Riker, assuring him that he is also being kept in the dark as to the clandestine nature of the examination. Riker's temper begins to fuel when Remmick privately confronts him about discrepancies in Captain Picard's log entries, to which the Commander demands that Picard be present to answer for. Remmick refuses, threatening Riker to stay on course and do as he is ordered. He also confronts Deanna Troi, posing questions to her about Captain Picard's psychological stability and possible lapses in judgment, as well as Geordi La Forge about the actions of Mr. Kozinski which ultimately led to the Traveler accidentally flinging the Enterprise light years across the universe. While on break, Wesley finds privacy in an empty holodeck. Lieutenant Worf approaches to ask him about his testing. Wesley admits his trepidation at having to face the final phase of his testing, which is nicknamed the "psych test." Worf reveals that Starfleet is exceedingly efficient at determining a candidate's worst fears and how they react to them, leaving Wesley amazed at how a Klingon officer could possibly fear anything. Worf boldly reassures Wesley that only "fools" have no fear. Things become tense on the bridge when young Jake Kurland steals an Enterprise shuttlecraft for the purpose of running away. When Picard contacts the shuttlecraft, Jake Kurland tells of his shame at having failed to gain entrance to the Starfleet exam, and his inability to face his father because of that shame. The shuttle ends up losing power, heading straight for the atmosphere of the planet, putting Kurland's life in peril. With no possibility of a transporter lock, Picard realizes that Kurland must manually regain control of the shuttle before he burns up in the atmosphere. Picard authoritatively orders Kurland to do exactly as he says, issuing a command that Kurland angle the shuttle nose-first towards the planet, then force a restart of the shuttle's engines. Kurland hesitates, but eventually puts his trust in Picard and follows orders, causing the shuttle to bounce harmlessly off of the atmosphere and away from the planet. Remmick expresses severe disappointment, suggesting a severe lack of discipline on the Enterprise. Picard reminds the Commander that young men sometimes make rash and poor decisions, and should be reprimanded with proper discipline under an authority figure. Meanwhile, Wesley successfully defuses a tense situation when another officer bumps into him in a corridor, prompting a heated, angry threat. At first, Wesley is diplomatic and apologetic, until he spots the officer's webbed fingers, a trademark of the Zaldans who view politeness and courtesy as an irritating form of dishonest social behavior. Wesley immediately threatens the larger officer with violence if he does not back down, something the Zaldan admires before congratulating him and walking away. Officer Chang approaches, having watched the confrontation. He commends Wesley on passing yet another test, the ability to deal with different races and their respective cultures. Commander Remmick becomes increasingly frustrated at his inability to find any wrongdoing on the Enterprise. He confronts Commander Data on the issue of log tampering, to which Data calmly suggests an error in Remmick's judgment. He then approaches Beverly Crusher about her relationship with the Captain, a man who he suggests was responsible for the death of her husband. Dr. Crusher offers no personal details, remaining professional. Finally, he confronts Picard on the issue of violating the Prime Directive with the Edo species. Picard refuses to argue, standing by his log entries while suggesting that Remmick's search to uncover any wrongdoing to be a futile effort. He then confronts Admiral Quinn in his quarters, demanding an end to the inspection which has put the Enterprise crew on edge, and personally strained their friendship with one another. Quinn expresses his understanding, assuring Picard that it will soon be over. Wesley and the other students engage in a semi-final test where speed and accuracy are key. Mordock finds difficulty with the complex test, at which point Wesley kindly offers assistance despite the competitive purpose of the testing phase. Mordock eventually gains the upper hand and finishes with an impressive score. Officer Chang informs the applicants that the final test will take place soon. Wesley questions Chang as to whether this will be the fabled "psych test" that he has been dreading. Chang corrects Wesley as to the true description of the test and its purpose, and offers his encouragement. Commander Remmick delivers his report to Admiral Quinn with Picard silently standing by. Remmick reports that he could find no evidence of wrongdoing on board the Enterprise, adding his admiration for the distinction of the ship's crew. Dismissed, Remmick turns to leave, but not before expressing his wish to Captain Picard that he may someday be able to serve aboard the Enterprise. Picard, clearly annoyed, ignores the Commander and says nothing in response. When Remmick leaves, Quinn begins to explain the reason for the mysterious investigation. He expresses his concern over certain problems which he has noticed in the Federation of late. Despite the ambiguity of the claims, Quinn is nevertheless compelled to tell Picard that he believes some unknown force is attempting to destroy everything the Federation has worked so hard to achieve in the last 200 years. Even more startling is that Quinn believes the threat could very well be from within the Federation's highest levels of command. To properly gauge the situation, Quinn needs officers he can trust. He then tells Picard that he would like to promote him immediately to Admiral, and give him full command of Starfleet Academy. In such a position, Picard would be close to Quinn at all times in a key position. Picard demands time to think about the proposition. Meanwhile, Wesley nervously awaits the psych test. He encounters Mordock who is in profound emotional duress following his psych test, but encourages Wesley that everything will be alright. Wesley is led inside a small room with empty chairs, ready for the test. Moments later, he hears an explosion outside of the room and heads out to investigate. He enters an environmental maintenance lab where a pressure tank has exploded, filling the area with hydrogen gas. The computer issues an evacuation warning that the doors will be sealed in 45 seconds. Wesley spots two officers; one trapped underneath a fallen beam, and the other cowering in the corner, unable to overcome his terror. Wesley helps the trapped and injured crew member, but is unable to talk the other one out of his fear. With no possible alternative, Wesley leaves the room, saving the injured crew member while sacrificing the other to his doom. Officer Chang approaches to calm Wesley down in the hallway. In truth, the psych test has just taken place. Wesley is stunned by the revelation, even more so when the other crew member emerges unharmed from the environmental lab, smiling. Chang explains that Wesley successfully passed the test by making a decision to save one man while sacrificing the other, instead of trying to save both and dooming all three. The decision was neither right, nor wrong, but Starfleet officers are always expected to make such a decision in times of crisis. Wesley realizes that Starfleet correctly identified his greatest psychological obstacle; the decision that Captain Picard had to make when Wesley's father was killed. Later, Chang addresses the anxious candidates as to who will enter Starfleet Academy. Mordock is congratulated as the first Benzite to enter Starfleet Academy, something which disappoints the other applicants. Mordock expresses guilt over his success, telling Officer Chang that Wesley deserves the honor for helping him through the speed test. Chang assures Mordock that many factors were taken into consideration, and Wesley did not lose out because of that test. In truth, Wesley was simply not ready. Captain Picard speaks with Riker about Quinn's decision to promote him to Admiral. Riker congratulates the Captain at such an esteemed new position. Nevertheless, Picard decides to refuse the promotion, leaving to tell Admiral Quinn at his farewell dinner. On the way he inadvertently bumps into Jake Kurland, addressing the young man and suggesting that running away is never a solution to any problem. He locates Wesley Crusher who is in the observation lounge, feeling ashamed at having failed the entrance exam. When he suggests that he has let down the Enterprise, Picard scoffs at the notion and says that he did his best, and will definitely do better next year when he re-applies. In an effort to boost the young man's confidence, Picard reluctantly reveals that he too failed his first entrance exam, immediately demanding that Wesley not tell a soul. A shocked Wesley finally realizes that even Starfleet's most respected officers sometimes fail, but do not let failure defeat them entirely. The two leave for the Admiral's farewell dinner. Later, Picard and Quinn head to the transporter room for the Admiral's departure. Quinn expresses his disappointment at Picard's decision to turn down the promotion, but Picard assures him that he would best serve him as Captain of the Enterprise. Quinn agrees, departing with a warm "Safe travels, my friend." Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 18 - Home Soil

On stardate 41463.9, the USS Enterprise is on a mission to catalog young planets in the Pleiades Cluster. Along the way, they have been instructed by the Federation to check on the terraforming colony on Velara III as they were behind schedule. Captain Picard calls down to the station and Director Kurt Mandl, responds. The Director insists there is no need for them to pay a visit as they are back on schedule. Counselor Troi senses he is extremely nervous about something, especially when Picard insists on an away team to be sent down to have a look around. Troi, Commander Riker, Lt. Yar, Lt. Commander Data and Lt. La Forge beam to the facility. They are greeted by Hydraulics Specialist Arthur Malencon, Biosphere Designer Luisa Kim, and Chief Engineer Bjorn Bensen. Outside the complex is Velara III's dark, windswept desert, a hostile place which Luisa tells them to remember; In a couple of decades, she plans for it to look like a garden of Eden. Luisa apologizes for their Director's rudeness. She points out that they don't get many visitors and mentions that Dr. Mandl has been under stress lately. Luisa offers a look around, explaining their amazing procedure of taking a lifeless planet and converting it into a Class M environment. She explains the first phase is selecting the right kind of planet. It must have the proper mass and gravity, the correct rate of rotation, and a balanced day and night. It must also be completely lifeless. Once a candidate world is selected and approved by the Federation, the terraformers take over. They are now at Phase Two - digging basins and pumping filtered sub-surface water into them. Phase Three will be adding micro-organisms to create a lush, arable biosphere. Malencon points out that they have been having problems with the servos that control their hydraulic probes. Geordi offers assistance, wondering if the high saline content of the soil is disrupting conductivity. Mandl finally enters, appearing gruff and moody. He reminds Malencon of their tight schedule and sends the tech off to work. Mandl directs the away team's attention to a schematic diagram of their planning; everything is specific and exacting. Suddenly Troi senses terror and announces that Malencon is in trouble! A warning siren sounds and the group runs to the hydraulic station. As they approach, they hear the blasting of a drilling laser and cries of pain. The door to the room is sealed; they try to force the hatch when the laser blasts and screams abruptly stop. Upon opening the door, they find the room is a complete mess and spot the smoldering remains of Malencon; they are too late to save him. In the center of the room a large drilling laser hangs from a control arm, still pointing down at him. Riker has Malencon's body transported to the ship. In the meantime, they have the power to the hydraulics room shut down. Luisa, Mandl, Troi and Riker head to the ship as well; the rest stay to survey the damage. Data finds it interesting that the laser seemed to stop at the moment Malencon stopped screaming. He reactivates power to the room and reruns the drilling program. Data watches the beam run its cycle as it blasts down into each of the bore holes. He turns away for a moment to check the readouts. Suddenly, the beam pivots toward him. He quickly dodges the stream as it blasts past him. It fires again, but he is saved by his android reflexes. Geordi and Benson come to the rescue, but find the door is sealed again. Beyond it, they hear a horrendous crash and the smashing of equipment. They finally get the hatch open, and find that Data has ripped the machine down from its mounting. The whole device lies mangled on the floor, and Bensen laments a year's work destroyed. The away team returns and Picard is informed of the attack. He tells Mandl he is shutting down operations until the matter is investigated; Mandl is outraged, stating Picard is overstepping his authority. Picard says a member of his crew has been attacked, which gives him the right to intervene. Mandl reminds him that he has a delicate schedule to maintain, but Picard says it is on hold until he has answers. Picard meets with Geordi and Data, who inform him the drilling laser was somehow reprogrammed to kill anyone who enters the room. Picard suspects one of the three terraformers, and instructs Geordi and Data to return to the planet to look for any sabotage or tampering. He tells Yar to dig up the service records of the terraformers and look for a possible motive. Data and Geordi return to the station. Data notices a strange flicker of light down at the far end of one of the bore shafts. He makes sure it isn't a reflection of light, and scans it with his tricorder. He gets no readings, so he asks Geordi to look at it with his VISOR. Using its various visual modes, Geordi scans the object. It's inorganic, yet the pulses of light and color are unexplainable. Data wonders if it could be alive; it might be what the terraformers are trying to cover up. The object is beamed to the Enterprise where Dr. Crusher has it placed inside a bell jar for analysis. The computer makes scans and verifies that it contains no organic molecules. Beverly enhances the scan on the wall display, which shows a complex pattern of crystalline forms. Energy patterns flow throughout a beautiful network of structures. It begins to emanate an audible hum. Beverly asks the computer what is causing the flashes and noise, but it is uncertain since it is theoretically impossible for the substance to produce such an effect. She asks for a hypothesis, to which it replies: "Life". Picard relays the findings to Mandl and his staff. Mandl claims the Federation verified Velara III lifeless, which Picard says is understandable given the novel nature of the lifeform. Regardless, Picard mentions his suspicions of Mandl knowing there was life down there; a direct violation of the Prime Directive. Mandl makes it clear that he is in the business of creating life, not taking it! Back in medical, Beverly calls for Picard; Geordi has detected movement inside the crystal. Picard arrives and Geordi indicates he has detected a shift in the infrared spectrum; its internal structure is somehow changing. Suddenly, the small flicker of light brightens, nearly blinding everyone in the room. The hum grows louder as well. The hum and light subside, revealing two points of light inside the bell jar. Data points out that only life can replicate itself. As a precaution, Beverly activates a containment field around the bell jar, but the computer has trouble maintaining the field. The computer indicates that a "translation request" is being made; the glowing objects are trying to communicate with the computer. Power is increased to the containment field but the fight for control continues. It looks as if Data is right; it's a life form, and also intelligent, with the power to access the computer. Everyone evacuates the lab and meets to discuss the situation. Once again, Picard confronts Mandl, asking if he knew there was life on Velara III. He admits he knew of random energy patterns that disrupted their drilling, but that hardly indicated life by anything he is aware of. He adds they're meaningless silicon crystals that rebroadcast sunlight. Picard tells him they are hardly meaningless; they are clearly alive and intelligent, and are trying to communicate. By now, the bell jar contains a cluster of several points of light. Data works with the computer on the analysis. The computer relays its composition: silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, cadmium selenide, water, sodium crystals...forming a natural superconductor array. Elsewhere, an engineer reports that the power fluctuations are increasing, causing numerous systems around the ship to go haywire; something is taking over. Soon, the universal translator comes online by itself, "Ugly bags of mostly water!" Picard is confused, and Data indicates it is an accurate description of human physiology; he points out that humans are 90% water surrounded by a flexible container. (This is actually incorrect; humans are about 60% water with variation by gender and body type. Also, bones and tissue are found throughout the body and do not form a flexible container with water inside) The crystals speak, saying they had asked the humans to leave, but they did not listen. It has driven them to kill. Picard tries to reassure the crystals that they come in peace; they didn't understand the message, and were unaware there was life on the planet. The crystals object, stating the "bags" at the station knew. They tried peaceful contact, but were ignored, and some were killed. They have no choice now but to declare war. Before Picard can respond, the crystals end communication. At this point the whole ship is jarred by a force. Data indicates that the crystals have joined together into a kind of living computer he calls a "microbrain"; the more there are, the stronger they become. The flashes of light they emit appear to be program instructions, so they can interface with the ship's computers faster than the crew can. After a quick flare up of energy and more disturbances in the ship, the crystals seem to power down. Beverly indicates that with single-celled organic life, replication is followed by a resting state; perhaps it is the same for the microbrain. Picard orders Yar to beam the entity back to the planet. She tries to energize the beam, but power becomes redirected. Picard is agitated; lifeform or not, the safety of the ship is at stake. He tells Data to remove the atmosphere from the medical lab. Data tries, but again, the controls are locked out. Picard meets with the terraformers, explaining that the entity said it has tried to contact them before, but they ignored it. Mandl claims, if it tried communicating, they didn't understand it; how were they to know? Picard wants to know what the terraformers did to cause the crystals to fight back. Luisa indicates Malencon was siphoning off a layer of saline water on the surface of the sand. Beverly suggests that life needs water, perhaps it was sustaining them. Data suggests it might have been what linked them together; individually, a single brain cell is not intelligent, but when linked to others, intelligence is formidable. To prevent the loss of the saline, it drove them to kill. The image of the medical lab shows the mass in the bell jar growing brighter. Suddenly, the bell jar shatters. Data and Geordi come up with an idea; they had detected cadmium salts, which create electrical current under infrared light. Perhaps the crystals are photoelectric in nature. Picard has them kill the lights in the medical lab. Riker opens an access panel at the room, and disables the lighting system. Now in total darkness, the glow of the microbrain begins to soften, and the crystals respond, begging for more light. Picard waits for them to relent control over the computer, then has the lights brought back up, just a bit, to relieve them of their torment. The microbrains state; "War over!" to which Picard agrees, and expresses his apologies for having caused them harm. He has the transporter chief beam the entity back to Velara III. Afterward, Picard places an indefinite quarantine on the planet. Data is saddened that they couldn't learn more about the strange lifeform. Picard replies; "In time, Mr. Data. When we're better prepared." They set course to the nearest starbase to drop off the terraformers. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now