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Switched at Birth Recap: Travis Finds His Voice After Unspeakable Trauma

Switched at Birth Recap: Travis Finds His Voice After Unspeakable Trauma ...Read More... //

Switched at Birth Recap 3/28/17: Season 5 Episode 8 “Left in Charge”

Ally burns their dinner and Bey saves the day by arriving with pizza. Daphne can’t believe that Mingo is in DC visiting his girlfriend. As they eat the lights go out and the girls realize they didn’t pay the electric bill. Bey tries to borrow money from her parents but they say the bank is closed. Kathryn is sad that a couple of good friends are moving out of town and John suggests they hang out with Regina and Luka. Kathryn and John offer support to Chris and know how hard it was for him to sit out the playoff game. Bey tries to borrow money from Regina for the electric bill but she also says no. She offer Bey hours at the Cracked Mug but Bey is not thrilled. Regina can’t believe she got a C on her paper while Luka got an A but the teacher won’t change her grade. Chris asks Daphne out and Bey says she should go but be careful because Chris is a player. They both think he will help get Daphne’s mind off Mingo. READ MORE...

Switched at Birth Recap 3/21/17: Season 5 Episode 7 “Memory (The Heart)”

Daphne still misses Angelo. He had been taken from her so abruptly that it had been hard for her to come to terms with his death however a young woman named Ally was offering Daphne a chance to still have some part of him in her life. But was Ally for real? Ally claimed that she had received Angelo’s heart and that was after all a possibility. So Daphne had wanted to get to her and see if she was like Angelo in any way – just it was strange that Daphne ran into her at the student clinic and it hadn’t looked like a coincidence. Ally had gone out of her way to get to know Daphne and she had wanted to be introduced to Daphne’s family members like Bay. However, Bay had gotten a little too swept in by Ally. She had liked her and had wanted to help the young woman cover up her scar from her heart transplant with a tattoo yet it was odd that Ally had wanted to meet more people and that she claimed she had woken up with cravings after her surgery. She said that she suddenly began liking red wine and salsa dancing. So that had reminded the girls of Angelo because he had loved those things too. Yet, Angelo was gone and holding onto him by trying to fit Ally into their lives wasn’t something that everyone in the family had approved of. Daphne had tried to talk about Angelo to Regina because she had wondered if her mother would like to meet Ally and it doesn’t seem like Regina wants to remember that time from her life. She had told Daphne that it had been a hard decision to donate Angelo’s organs and she hadn’t wanted to think about it again though that Regina’s answer hadn’t been what Daphne was looking for. READ MORE...

Switched at Birth 100th Episode: Angelo's Return Creates Another Special Episode

Switched at Birth 100th Episode: Angelo's Return Creates Another Special Episode  ...Read More... //

Switched at Birth Recap 3/7/17: Season 5 Episode 6 “Four Ages in Life”

Daphne was doing her best to move on with her life. She had mended her relationship with Iris, stood up for what was right, and she even volunteering at the student clinic to earn credits. But then Daphne found out that she would be shadowing Dr. Jackson at the clinic. Dr. Jackson had been the first person that believed Daphne could become a doctor and he had started out as her mentor however Daphne had jeopardize their relationship when she stole oxy from his clinic and he had been forced to fire her. So Daphne had been shocked when she saw Dr. Jackson again and she thought that the past would ruin what she had going for her. However, a lot has changed since Daphne and Dr. Jackson parted ways because he said he didn’t hold what she did against her. He said he understood that she had been young and had recently lost her father. So Jackson had come across as someone seemingly willing to let bygones be bygones yet Daphne later noticed something rather concerning. She had been watching the doctor see to a patient and she noticed that his hands had been shaking so badly that he could hardly grip the needle correctly in hands in order to give a young woman stitches before he just gave up entirely and said that the string wasn’t too his liking. READ MORE...

Switched at Birth Review: The Next Healthy Step

As we wind down to the final few episodes of Switched at Birth, we hope that Bay and Daphne’s stories can come full circle to indicate where these two young women will take the next chapter of their adult lives. It seems that they have finally decided on career paths which make them both happy, but there is still some uncertainty going forward. It only seems appropriate that one final piece of the puzzle brings their journey full circle. By the end of the episode, that’s exactly what Daphne is made aware of. Bay is outraged that Noelle has been stealing her designs, for which she is unapologetic. In Noelle’s mind her actions are justified because she was stressed, and Bay is not ready for her own chair. She decides to give Bay what she wants just to prove it. It’s not enough that Bay is feeling the pressure from trying to lure in clients, she doesn’t need her parents dropping in and scaring them away. When a client comes in with a questionable ID and a ton of cash, Bay feels it’s too good a risk not to take to keep her spot in the studio. Bay is completely ignorant that the tattoo she is asked to draw is a local gang sign, and has to do major damage control so that the kid’s dad doesn’t press charges. The whole experience opens Noelle and Bay up to a new understanding. READ MORE...

Switched at Birth Recap 2/28/17: Season 5 Episode 5 “Occupy Truth”

Sharee meets with the Dean and Associate Dean. They bring up her experience at her last school and ask why she left. She offers a vague response. Sharee is told they do not want any more problems from her while she is a student on their campus. Iris works to organize the whole campus behind their cause. A group develops a list of demands from the campus administration. They decided to try to get 1000 signatures by 6pm the following night to get the school to review the list. They have a very slow start. Bay meets Chris to drive him to see his aunt. Sharee asks Chris if he will sign the petition but he refuses. He says he has too much to lose if he signs her petition. The coach hears her and tells her she needs to leave. Regina offers Sharee support and she shares a story of the first time she experienced racism. Regina says it won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Sharee is invigorated to start again. The group has 803 signatures but then Sharee arrives with 311 more signatures. She worked all night talking to students about their cause. They have enough to go to the administration. Iris hopes they get what they want because she is still not eating and it has been 3 days. Iris meets with a campus blogger and gives a great interview. The blogger reports that Iris’s father is white and that she was raised with money. The group confronts her and says she has hurt them all because of her interview. Iris is told she can’t lead the movement anymore. READ MORE...

'Switched at Birth' Recap: Does the Black Student Union Win Its Fight Against the University?

The racial issues on the campus of UMKC continue to grow in this episode of Switched at Birth . But as the issues grow, so does the number of students fighting for change. "Occupy Truth" tells only the stories of black students, with Bay and Daphne falling into the background. Find out how each of these students deal with the racial divide on campus and how working together brings about change. The episode breaks down the storylines by character, focusing on the aftermath of the first #StarvingForChange protest, which took place in the previous episode. By the end, a confusing scuffle with the dean led Sharee to be pulled away by campus security for "assault." "Occupy Truth" takes place immediately afterwards.  ...Read More... //

Switched at Birth Recap 2/21/17: Season 5 Episode 4 “Relation of Lines and Colors”

Emmitt asks Bay if he can take photos while she gives someone a tattoo for his photography class. She says no but then agrees to think about it. Daphne and Sharlee go for a run and Sharlee tells her she saw Iris and that she is going well. As they run past the Black Student Union they notice the lawn is covered in cotton balls. Daphne is horrified and tells Sharlee they have to do something. Sharlee says good luck but Daphne is on her own. Bay and Roby clean out her room at home for the baby and she asks his advice if she should help Emmitt. He encourages Bay to talk to Travis about it. Daphne talks to the dean who says she will investigate what happened. The dean also tells her she is rethinking the college denying her credit for her work in China. The football coach peaks to Katherine about a new recruit for the team and says a major booster will be in town so they should wine and dine him. READ MORE...

'Switched at Birth' Recap: Is Travis Getting Replaced?

In the Switched at Birth episode "Relation of Lines and Colors," Iris, upset with the lack of discussion on race issues, begins a fight against racism by starting a protest that causes her some trouble. This puts Daphne in an awkward position in which she must make some revelations about her surroundings. Meanwhile, Bay's love triangle between Emmett and Travis is far from over, and things get more complicated when Bay is less than honest with Travis. Find out everything that happened in this episode of Switched at Birth below. ...Read More... //