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Switched at Birth

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Mondays, 8:00 PM EST on ABC Family
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5 Seasons, 103 Episodes
60 Minutes
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Tells the story of two teen girls who discover that they were accidentally switched at birth. Bay Kennish grew up in a wealthy family with two parents and a brother, while Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing as a child due to a case of meningitis, grew up with a single mother in a poor neighborhood. Things come to a dramatic head when both families meet and struggle to learn how to live together for the sake of the girls.

Show Reviews

by sandy12345

Apr 20, 2015 12:49 AM EDT

I love this show. It's so much more than just a family channel show (which most people would associate with something that only 14 year old girls watch). I love the aspect of showing things from a deaf person's perspective and enlightening people on their struggles of living in a hearing person's world. But it's even much more than that - there is love, drama, secrets, and scandal. I'm really emotionally invested in these characters, and will be sad if it has to end anytime soon! Overall it's a great watch!

by elfspider

Mar 08, 2016 5:53 PM EST

Switched at Birth, follows the lives of two teenage girls, who discover they were switched as babies.

by LindaS1219

Mar 13, 2016 11:02 PM EDT

I LOVE this show and I'm sorry to see it go. :-(

by zparpa

Apr 19, 2015 4:10 AM EDT

I love this show, it is unique and has the usual troubles that teens face in high school and college, relationships, parents, workload etc, but the family's unique situation adds to their turmoil. My favourite bit of the show is how the deaf culture is incorporated, highlighting their struggles and triumphs in a world that is channeled towards hearing people.

by Sal29

Apr 09, 2017 4:49 AM EDT

this show is more than just about two girls being switched at birth. it tackles so many relevant and current topics from deaf culture and racism to police brutality and mental disabilities. its sad that the people who could lean the most from this show arent the ones watching it. I am SO sad to see it end, and honestly, quite surprised. I wish The Fosters ended instead of this. But how long can you go on with a show about sisters switched at birth once their families have dealt with the issue and learnt how to live together as one big happy family. On the other hand, this show has so much potential to go on irrespective of that! The writers just need to get a bit more creative with the storylines. Theres only one episode left but I'd love to see Regina get her happy ending and Emmett finally get over Bay and find someone of his own. Daphne is also currently in between relationships so it'd be nice to see her end up with someone. Argh. Im just so invested in these characters and the show as a whole :(

by Ellaeulalia

Jan 23, 2016 4:49 AM EST

Its important that they are series with sign language. Love how they manage the sign and hearing parts so fluently in the episodes.

by Jocelyn Chapman

Nov 16, 2016 2:29 PM EST

LOVE this series! Has all the elements of a typical family school drama, but with depth (beyond just the switched at birth element). Bonus: I love to seeing all the sign language! Looking forward to the final season coming out in 2017!

by antonellaonai

Sep 01, 2016 8:36 AM EDT

Stopped watching after about season 2 was like why isn't this over sooo long

by wolfgirl47

Oct 22, 2015 3:30 PM EDT

A very unique drama that deals with real life situations in a incredible way.

by PatriaRodriguez

Sep 28, 2015 9:21 PM EDT

The 1st time i heard about this show i was so amaze about the ALS, that when i started to watching i try every sign and i felt so cool, but if you dont practice you can forget them easily, but a few words got stock in my head. This show is so kind and nice but so dramatic and crazy at the same time.. I JUST LOVE IT!

by me2011

Aug 24, 2015 11:19 PM EDT

I'm certainly not the demographic for this show, yet I watch it. And I suppose that is why I nit pick at some of the subject matter because I really hope no impressionable youths are thinking this imitates any facet of life accurately. My younger sisters are 15 years younger than me and they were actually this stupid.

by TiaDP

May 04, 2015 9:25 AM EDT

This series has it's faults. The clichéd, over-dramatised relationship between Bay and Emmett is getting VERY old. The "Glee" or "Eastenders" style of trying EVERY TYPE of problem - be it car crash, death, cheating, rape, long-distance, over-bearing, writer, musical, film making, violence, rudeness, gangs, blackmail - isn't all that interesting. It's mostly pretty obvious. Even so (and I do admit to being a bit on-off with this show) I kinda love it. The premise of two babies being switched at the hospital is cute. I really enjoy learning ASL. I love the silent episode, the episode where they did it all differently, the episode where it never happened. My favourites. It's not gonna win any oscars (it doesn't deserve any) but it does win a special little place in my heart. I'm addicted, even if I prefer it in bulk rather than AVIDLY watching each moment!!!!

by MetalRico

Apr 25, 2015 9:02 AM EDT

For me the reason for watching this show is the realitionship of Bay and Emmett. Emmett is deaf and Bay hearing. It is beautifull how they start their relationship. And deal with Emmett being deaf and Bay hearing.

The really fun part is if you watch a lot of episode's in a short period of time. You start talking more with your hands. Without being aware of this.

by miss_fatzou

Apr 20, 2015 8:33 AM EDT

i love this show ♥

by brittanyws

Apr 10, 2015 11:48 AM EDT

good show!

by mariekinns

Feb 14, 2015 7:43 PM EST

The longer it goes for the sillier it gets. It is no longer about girls who were switched at birth, it has turned into a regular teen drama with teen issues.

by AudreyR

Feb 07, 2015 11:44 AM EST

This a an original show and I truly enjoy it. Sometimes. However, there are times when it gets boring and it doesn't evolved. How many is Bay going to juggled between the same boys? Make up your mind girl. And Daphne... when is she going to own up to her mistakes? Her little pity/i'm deaf complex is getting very annoying. This is why I'm giving it a 2 1/2.

by Joao_Vilaca

Nov 10, 2014 1:41 PM EST

Bay is a great artist

by bndoorh

Oct 21, 2014 4:39 PM EDT


by JulipMarker

Aug 12, 2014 5:26 PM EDT

Switched at Birth is like a really great soap opera with characters that are bound to make everyone think a little bit about themselves--about what family and friends are, about how, why and what motivates us to get a particular job or to make art, about our errors and the millions of ways we might just--like these characters do--keep finding our ways back to what matters the most to each of us. With an extra unexpected aspect of making us also aware of our senses--not just of hearing, but of each of our senses and how our relationships to each other are linked through our senses. Fun, sad, and also motivating--Switched at Birth surprised me, who had only expected a little teeny bopper distraction. It is a show with a wider scope than that, and which is well scripted, engaged politically and socially in reflecting about the kinds of people we are and also those we could be when we find the best versions of ourselves.