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The Adventures of Paddington Bear is an animated childrenâ??s TV series based on the book Paddington Bear by Michael Bond. Paddington had been a lonely bear sent away from his home in Peru, Lima by his Aunt Lucy to end up in a London train station with a note simply and politely asking someone to look after him. In a new country and with a new family, the Browns, it seems that Paddingtonâ??s curiosity gets the best of him as he finds everything utterly fascinating. Unfortunately, he has the tendency to turn his little explorations into a full out adventure when he finds himself in sticky situations, like when he managed to get himself in a dance contest though he doesnâ??t know how to dance or when he became a guest speaker at the White House. Whether heâ??s eating marmalade sandwiches or getting into some snafu with the Brownâ??s children, Henry and Isabelle, there is a safe bet that when Paddingtonâ??s involved, life is definitely an interesting adventure.

Episode Guide

32 episodes

  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes
    • s2e13A Sticky Time / Corporal Paddington / Paddington Buys a Share
      July 27, 2004
    • s2e12Paddington In Touch / Paddington and the Dead Sea / Goings On At Number Thirty Two
      July 25, 2004
    • s2e11In and Out of Trouble / Sir Paddington / A Spot of Decorating
      July 23, 2004
    • s2e10Paddington Makes a Clean Sweep / Paddington At the Olympics / Paddington and "Do It Yourself"
      July 21, 2004
    • s2e9Paddington and the Cold Snap / Paddington and the Yeti / Paddington Hits the Jackpot
      July 19, 2004
    • s2e8Pantomime Time / Paddington In Alaska / A Stitch In Time
      July 17, 2004
    • s2e7Paddington In a Hole / Paddington In the Galapagos / Paddington Strikes a Bargain
      July 15, 2004
    • s2e6Paddington Breaks the Peace / Paddington Takes Off / Trouble At Number Thirty-Two
      July 13, 2004
    • s2e5Paddington Goes to the Dentist / Paddington's Dinosaurs / Paddington's First Light
      July 11, 2004
    • s2e4Paddington Steps Out / Paddington Prepares / Paddington Recommended
      July 9, 2004
    • s2e3A Day to Remember / Paddington In Spain / A Most Unusual Ceremony
      July 7, 2004
    • s2e2Old Master Paddington / Paddington and the Pardon / Picnic On the River
      July 5, 2004
    • s2e1A Disappearing Trick / Paddington Saves the Day / Paddington Goes to School
      July 3, 2004
  • 19 episodes
    19 episodes